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World War 1 - Roll of Honour with detailed information
Compiled and copyright © Gill Cannell & Andrew Dishman 2016

The Cambridge University, Downing College World War 1 memorial is in the form of two decorated stone tablets set into the wall of the ante-chapel. The tablets bear the names in incised blue lettering. There are 50 names listed. The memorial was unveiled 21st October 1923.

The World War 2 memorial tablet takes the form of a rectangular, bronze, plaque with engraved rope-pattern edge and the arms of the college in enamel above the inscription; it was designed by Mr Bamford of Northfield and Company, Cambridge and was cast in bronze by the Birmingham Guild. It was unveiled by the Master, Sir Lionel Whitby, and dedicated by the Bishop of Ely on September 25th 1948 in the presence of members of the Association and their wives assembled for the Annual Meeting together with relatives of the fallen

Photographs copyright © Gill Cannell & Andrew Dishman 2016

The following notes apply:

[date] indicates date of matriculation.
(1914) indicates those who were admitted for the Michaelmas Term of 1914, but who never actually matriculated.
A date marked with an asterisk denotes that the person to whom the entry refers joined the College in that year by some procedure other than matriculation, e.g. by migration from another College or the non-collegiate body.

The extra details here are taken from `The War List of the University of Cambridge, 1914 – 1918’ by G.V. Carey. (Cambridge University Press, 1921.)

M denotes those mentioned in despatches.
MC denotes Military Cross

The brass plaque with the college coat of arms, situated on the end wall of Accommodation Block I. was unveiled 1st January 1920; designer P.F. Alexander. Originally in the college dining hall but it was moved in 1948.

In memory of Members
Of Downing College Who
Lost Their Lives in the War

ASTON Walter Douglas
[1901] Capt., Cambridgeshire Regt. Died 2 Nov. 1917 of wounds received in action
BENNETT Sydney Garner
[1907] 2nd Lieut., Suffolk Regt. Killed in action 20 July 1916
BROWN Ian Macdonald
[1907] Capt., R.A.M.C. Killed in action 15 Nov. 1916
[1904] Rev., C.F., N. Zealand Chaplains’ Dept. Killed in action 4 Oct. 1917
[1910] Pte., King’s (Liverpool Regt., Liverpool Scottish, T.F.). Killed in action near Ypres 16 June 1915
BURGESS Wilfred Charles
[1909] 2nd Lieut, Somerset L.I. (T.F.). Killed in action 22 Aug. 1917
CORKE Guy Harold
[1909] 2nd Lieut., Northumberland Fus. M. Killed in action 17 Sept. 1916
DAVIES Frederick Charles
[1903] Capt., R.A.M.C. Killed in action 17 Oct. 1917
DAWE Alfred Henry
[1913] 2nd Lieut., King’s Royal Rifle Corps. Killed in action 11 April 1917
[1912] Lieut., W. Yorks. Regt. and M.G.C. M. Killed in action 22 March 1918
[1907] Major, R.A.M.C. Died 23 March 1918 of wounds received in action
EDMUNDS Cecil Harry
[1908] Lieut., London Regt. (Surrey Rifles).
EMINSON Robert Astley Franklin
[1909] 2nd Lieut., King’s Royal Rifle Corps; attd. M.G.C. Killed in action 20 July 1916
EVERETT William Wallis
[1910] Capt. and Adjt., Norfolk Regt. Killed in action near Brancourt 8 Oct. 1918
GREEN, VC John Leslie
[1907] Capt., R.A.M.C. (T.F.) Killed in action 1 July 1916. V.C.

V.C. Citation extract from the Supplement to The London Gazette, 5 Aug. 1916.

‘For most conspicuous devotion to duty. Although himself wounded, he went to the assistance of an officer who had been wounded and was hung up on the enemy’s wire entanglements, and succeeded in dragging him to a shell hole, where he dressed his wounds, not-withstanding that bombs and rifle grenades were thrown at him the whole time. Captain Green then endeavoured to bring the wounded officer into safe cover and had nearly succeeded in doing so when he was himself killed’

[1914] 2nd Lieut., N. Staffs. Regt. Killed in action 11 Aug. 1916
HILLIARD Gerald William
*1906 R.N.A.S. Died Aug 1915 of wounds received in action
HUCKLE Henry William
[1907] 2nd Lieut., Cambridgeshire Regt. Killed in action 5 Sept. 1918
JENKINS David Jones Capenhurst
[1912] Sergt., Canadian Infy. Killed in action 8 April 1916
JOLLY Benton Ord
[1913] 2nd Lieut., Yorkshire Regt. Died 9 Feb. 1917 of wounds received in action
KEARNEY James John
[1902] Trooper, Gloucestershire Yeo. Killed in action in Gallipoli 21 Aug. 1915
KEESEY George Ernest
[1905] Capt., Rifle Brigade. M. Killed in action on the Somme 24 Aug. 1916
KEITH Alexander James
[1912] 2nd Lieut., Middlesex Regt. Killed in action on the Somme 14 July 1916
LINE John Young Alexander
[1914] 2nd Lieut., N. Staffs. Regt. Died 13 March 1916 of wounds received in action near Neuve Chapelle 12 March 1916
LYON George William
No further information currently
MCLAREN Arthur Donald
[1908] Pte., R. Scots. Killed in action 9 April 1917
O’REILLY Henry Duncan Ryan
(1914) Pte, R. Fusiliers; Capt., The Queen’s (R.W. Surrey Regt.). Died 31 May 1919 of wounds received in action in Mesopotamia.
REES Kenneth David
No further information currently
ROUND William Haldane
[1913] Capt., Sherwood Foresters (Notts. And Derby Regt., T.F.). Killed in action 1 July 1916.
ROWLAND Sydney Domville
[1889] Major, R.A.M.C. Died 6 March 1917 of illness contracted on active service
No further information currently
[1909] Cpl., French Infy. Died 15 Feb. 1917 of wounds received in action
STRATFORD Ernest Pipkin
*1903 Lieut., R.A.M.C. Died 20 April 1915 of wounds received in action near Neuve Chapelle 17 March 1915
STRINGER Gerald Moffat
[1911] 2nd Lieut., Cheshire Regt. Accidentally killed 15 March 1915
TOPHAM Michael
(1914) Sergt., R. Fusiliers (P.S. Bn.); 2nd Lieut., R.F.C. Killed in action 13 April 1917. Had a place but did not metriculate due to the outbreak of war.
TYNDALL Charles Thomas Alexander
No further information currently
WHITWORTH Arthur George Richard
[1914] 2nd Lieut., Northumberland Fus. Died of wounds received in action 21 March 1918
WILL John George
[1911] Lieut., Leinster Regt.; attd R.F.C. Killed in action 25 March 1917
WILSON Frederick Thomas Austin
No further information currently. Had a place but did not metriculate due to the outbreak of war.
WILTON Samul Brammer
[1911] Capt., N. Staffs Regt. M.C. Killed in action 14 March 1917
BLOGG, MM Joseph Andrew Martin
College Servant
BARLOW Robert Frederick
BEALE Richard Stewart
BEECHING Kenneth Roy
BOSTOCK Thomas Maurice Twynam
BRINDLEY Anthony Harley
CARLTON Victor Julius
CARRICK Richard James David Carrick
CHAN Oswald
CHURCH Frankham Noel John
CLARKE Michael Wilfrid Peter
COWIE Keith Cunningham
DARLOW John Michael
DAVISON Peter Ewart
DEVEREUX John Stuart
DREW Basil Whitfield
DUFTON Charles Theodore
EDWARDS William Lionel
ELLIOTT Alexander McKenzie
GELDARD Horace Marsden
GLAISHER John Malcolm
GOULDEN Ernest Osmond
HARDEN George James
HIND William
HOWARD Louis Alexander
HUGHES John Douglas
HUMPHRIES Cedric Alfred
IREMONGER Kenneth George
JOB Michael Isdell Blyth
LASCELLES Francis Alfred George
LAWFORD Peter Wyndham Riou
MITCHELL Thomas Ellis
PARNALL Denis Geach
PARSONS Philip Trevor
PEARSON John Henry
ROCYN-JONES Augustus Huws
SHAW Errol Devereux Lancelot
SLIGHT Hugh Templeton
SOKOLOW George Stanislaus
SPRAKE Noel Geoffrey
STOUT Geoffrey Stephenson
STRATTON John Peter Houghton
TAN Sim Eng
WHITING William Robert Humphrey
WIESSNER Charles Frank Horace
WILKIE John Percival
WINTON Thomas Stanley
WOODHOUSE Harold Walter
ELSDEN Maxwell Charles
Name not on the Memorial
(1902) A name not on the Memorial but someone who died on board a hospital ship during repatriation after internment by the Japanese

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