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World War 1 and 2 - Roll of Honour with detailed information
Compiled and copyright © 2000 Dave Edwards

There is a memorial to those who died in the First World War in the churchyard and a scroll giving additional information, including World War II, within the church. There are photos of some of the First World War men inside the church.

To the glory of God
and in grateful memory
of those who went out from this parish
and laid down their lives for us in the
Great War 1914 - 1918.
Their name liveth for evermore.


Albert Edward

Pte. 9th Bt. Suffolk Reg., who died 16/9/1916,buried: NKG


Alfred William

Rfm. 3rd Bt. Rifle Brigade, who died 3/1/1917 age 28, buried: Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe, Pas de Calais, France. Son of Arthur William and Mary Ann Carter, of School Lane, Downham.; husband of Lilian Carter, of Tower Rd., Little Downham, Ely, Cambs.

CORNWELL Alexander


Possibly: Pte. 3rd Bt. East Yorkshire Reg., who died 22/6/1918 (21/6/1918 in church), buried: Hull Western Cemetery, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Percy William John

Pte. 11th Bt. Suffolk Reg., who died 28/4/1917, age 20, buried: NKG. Son of Richman and Isabella Jane Cornwell, of Main St., Little Downham, Cambs.



Pte. 8th Bt. Bedfordshire Reg., who died 26/9/1915 age 18, buried: NKG. Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Cornwell, of 2, Barrack's Square, Little Downham, Ely, Cambs.



Lnc./Cpl. 7th Bt. Suffolk Reg., who died 23/11/1917 age 22, buried: Tincourt New British Cemetery, Somme, France. Son of Mrs. Hannah Hobbs, of Third Drove, Little Downham, Ely, Cambs.


Charles Burton

Pte. 2nd Bt. Suffolk Reg., who died 3/8/1918 age 28, buried: Sandpits British Cemetery, Fouquerevil, Pas de Calais, France. Son of Samuel and Sarah Ann Fincham, of Little Downham, Cambs.



Pte. 1st Bt. Suffolk Reg., who died 8/5/1915 age 33, buried: NKG. Son of Charles and Louisa Fryett, of Prickwillow, Ely; husband of Elizabeth Fryett, of Lawn Lane, Little Downham, Ely, Cambs.



Pte. 7th Bt. Bedfordshire Reg., wounded 7/11/1916, died of wounds 12/11/1916, buried: Contay British Cemetery, Contay, Somme, France. Lived First Drove, Downham.


John[Jack] WIlliam

[GOODGE in CWGC]. Pte. 6th Bt. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, attd. Military Foot Police, Military Police Corps., died 12/2/1917, buried: Wanquetin Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais, France. Husband of Emma Jane Goudge of Third Drove, Downham. Son of Henry and Amelia Goodge, of Littleport, Cambs. See also Littleport.


Horace William

Pte. 1st Bt. Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, attd. Supply & Transport Corps., who died of nephritis, 10/2/1917 age 20, buried: Basra War Cemetery, Iraq. Son of William Woods Green and Emily Green of Bury House, Little Downham, Ely.



Pte. 34th Bt. Royal Fusiliers, Labour Corps., who died 18/5/1918, buried: St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France. Son of Mrs Ann Frances Harrison, 4th Drove, Little Downham Fen. Died of gas poisoning, age 30.



Pte. 5692, 15th Bt. Australian Infantry, A.I.F., who died 21/8/1917, buried: Cologne Southern Cemetery, Germany. Son of Francis and Eleanor Harrison. Born Little Downham.



Pte. 2nd Bt. West Yorkshire Reg. (Prince of Wales’s Own), who died 26/12/1914 age 23, buried: NKG. Adopted son of Mrs. M. Nicholas, of School Lane, Little Downham, Ely, Cambs.



Pte. 7th Bt. Bedfordshire Reg., who died 27/9/1916, buried: Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval, Somme, France



Lnc/Cpl.(Pte. In CWGC) 2nd Bt. Suffolk Reg., who died 17/10/1917, age 26, buried: Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. Son of James and Naomi Martin, of Oxlode, Ely, Cambs



Pte. 1st/5th Bt. Northumberland Fusiliers, who died 30/8/1918, age 19, buried: Cologne Southern Cemetery, Germany. Son of James Martin, of 3 Tower Rd., Little Downham, Ely. Prisoner of War. Brother of Herbert.



Pte. 7th Bt. Northamptonshire Reg., who died 17/10/1917 age 33, buried: Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. Husband of Daisy Martin, of 4th Drove, Little Downham, Ely. Son of Mr & Mrs James Martin. Brother of Albert. For more details see Herbert Martin web page



Pte. DCompany, 8th Bt. Suffolk Reg., who died 1/7/1916, buried: NKG. Lived First Drove, Downham.


Jacob Arthur

Pte. 8th Bt. Bedfordshire Reg., who died 15/9/1916, buried: NKG


Walter James

Pte. 7th Bt. Suffolk Reg., who died 9/8/1916 age 21, buried: NKG. Son of Martin and Sarah Jane Pearson, of Oxlode, Isle of Ely, Cambs.


John William

Pte. 4th Bt. Middlesex Reg., who died 23/4/1917, buried: NKG



Pte. 2nd Bt. Suffolk Reg. who died 26/8/1914, buried: NKG



Gnr. ‘D’ Btry. 23rd Bde., Royal Field Artillery, who died 14/5/1917 age 21, buried: St. Nicolas British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. Son of Richard and Elizabeth Mary Saberton, of Cannon St., Little Downham, Ely, Cambs.


Joseph Victor

Pte. Royal Army Service Corps., who died 3/2/1920 age 21, buried: Arquata Scrivia Communal Cemetery Extension, Italy. No. 2 Horse Transport and Supply Depot, Son of J. and A. Saberton of Pymore, Ely, Cambs. (Not listed inside church)


Arthur Harold

2nd Lt. 18th Bt., attd. 9th Bt., Manchester Reg., who died 27/3/1918 age 21. Son of J. Fred and Rovina Smith , of Little Downham, Ely, Cambs..


Edward Leslie Johnson

Lt. 10th Bt. Lancashire Fusiliers, who died 7/7/1916 age 22, buried: NKG. Son of William Edward and Rose Ellen Stockdale, of The Tower, Ely, Cambs. See also Elstow, Bedford County School and Ely War Memorial


Thomas William

Pte. G/14901, 13th Battalion Royal Sussex Reg., who was killed in action on 5th August 1917 (2/8/1917 in church), buried: NKG. Born Wisbech, enlisted Cambridge.



Pte. 2nd Bt. Middlesex Reg., who died 9/11/1917 age 20, buried: Motor Car Corner Cemetery, Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belgium. Son of George and Ellen Taylor, of Little Downham, Ely, Cambs.



Pte. 1st Bt. Northamptonshire Reg., who died 20/8/1918 (1916 in church), buried: NKG.



Pte. 2nd Bt. Suffolk Reg., who died 23/8/1918, buried: Railway Cutting Cemetery, Courcelles-Le-Comte, Pas de Calais, France


Horace Lynford

Pte. 25th Bt. Royal Fusiliers, who died 7/11/1917 age 19, buried: Dar Es Salaam War Cemetery, Tanzania. Son of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Wright, of Little Downham, Ely, Cambs., England.


The Second World War names have been taken from a Roll of Honour inside the church
which also lists the First World War names.



Pte. 1st Bt. The Cambridgeshire Reg., Suffolk Reg., who died 25/8/1942 age 32, died of diptheria. Prisoner of War, Changi gaol, Singapore. Buried: Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore. Son of Walter William and Mabel Annie Bailey, of Pymoor, Cambridgeshire.


Arthur Arnold

Pte. 5th Bt. Suffolk Reg., who died 21/10/1943 age 22, buried: Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery, Myanmar. Son of William and Martha Bidwell, of Little Downham, Ely, Cambridgeshire.



Trp. 142nd Reg., (7th Suffolks), R.A.C., who died 1/8/1943 age 33, buried: Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery, Algeria. Son of William James Crane and Elizabeth Crane, of Little Downham, Cambridgeshire.



Sgt. 142nd Reg., (7th Suffolks), R.A.C., who died 28/7/1944 age 29, buried: Florence War Cemetery, Italy. Son of George H. and Hannah Frost, of Little Downham, Cambridgeshire.



Pte. 2nd Bt. The Cambridgeshire Reg., Suffolk Reg., who was Killed in action 12/2/1942 age 23, buried: NKG. Son of Walter and Ada Jefferson, of Little Downham, Cambridgeshire.


Ronald George

Pte. General Service Corps., who died 25/6/1944 age 19, buried: Little Downham (St. Leonard) Church Cemetery, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. Son of Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Missin, of Little Downham.



Sgt. 2nd Bt. Royal Fusiliers (City of London Reg.), who died 6/6/1940 (1944 in church) age 27, buried: Eeklo Communal Cemetery, Eeklo, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Son of Philip and Emily Nicholas, of Little Downham, Cambridgeshire; husband of Ellen Lydia Nicholas, of Little Downham.


Ernest Victor

Pte. Royal Army Service Corps, who died 31/5/1940 (unknown in church), age 21, buried: NKG.

29 June 2005

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