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To the Glory of God and in memory of brave men inhabitants of this County and of the neighbourhood of Peterborough who gave their lives for their Sovereign and Country during the War in South Africa 1899 to 1902, the western window of this Cathedral was filled with stained glass AD 1903. Their names are recorded on these tablets.

HMS Powerful



C Boyce

151746, died in Ladysmith, date and grave unknown

3rd Dragoon Guards



E Moore



J G Pearson


7th Dragoon Guards



C Goddard Jackson


9th Lancers



J Brown



V B Ward


10th Hussars



C Barron



A Hammond


12th Lancers



G C Dec Wright


13th Hussars


Sqdn. Sgt. Major

J Lightfoot


14th Hussars



H C Jordan

44, Died 7th May 1900 of disease in Ladysmith, buried in town cemetery

16th Lancers


Lieut. The Honourable

C M Evans-Freke



L H Gilliat


Lce Cpls.

J Moore


S Prestridge



H W Bounds


17th Lancers


2nd Lieut. The Honourable

C W H Cavendish


19th Hussars


Staff Sergeant

A G Warren

Died 16th March 1900 in Ladysmith of diarrhoea and is buried at Intombi Camp


J Rice

Appears on the monument in the All Saints Church in Ladysmith, date & place of death unknown.

The Imperial Yeomanry



C L Gaussen


Qt. Master Sgt.

H W Vergette



E M B Bennett



A E Jelley



C F Bennett  


W Bellairs


W Berry

2216 Killed in action 29th May 1900 at Biddulphsberg and buried at Senekal

E Bolt


W Goodliff


P H Gunn


F Hopkins


H C Jackson


R E Juggins


F E H Lowless


D S Mead


A G Siddons


C H Warren


Royal Artillery



T S Hichens



H Andrew


W Green



E Andrew


F Bowman


A Clayton


A Haggar


A J T Hawes


W Martin


T C Tee


W H Robinson



H C Mills


A W Quest

12002 Driver, died of disease 26th January 1900 at Pietermaritzburg where he is buried

T E Hasdell


J H Strickson


Royal Engineers



F R Woolley

23rd Coy. 19408 died of Enteric fever at Ladysmith 29th January 1899 and is buried at Intombi camp


J C Thompson


Grenadier Guards


2nd Lieut.

G T L Tryon



H Daniels



H Honey



W Bailey


A Cursley


D J Hewitt


C Holland


T Sheffield


J Stevenson


E Wood


Coldstream Guards



A Kendall


The Royal Scots (Lothian Reg. )



T Battisson


The Northumberland Fusiliers



A Brown


The Royal Warwickshire Reg.



W Willis


The Lincolnshire Reg.



J G Edge


C E Stanger


The Devonshire Reg.



J Goddard


H Street


The Suffolk Reg.


Lce. Cpl.

Herbert Howlett Higgs Nixon

5230, 1st Battalion, The Suffolk Regiment. Commemorated on the Suffolk Memorial, Suffolk Hill, Colesburg. Corporal on memorial. Killed in action 6th January 1900 at Suffolk Hill. Born circa 1879 Coates, son of James Howlett and Ann Elizabeth NIXON. Father was a Policeman, family living in Thorney in 1881. [Also on Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely memorials]


A F Barker

possibly Albert Barker, 814, Suffolk Regiment, died of disease 38-6-1900, Bloemfontein. [Also on the Cambridgeshire Boer War Memorial]

A Davis


The East Yorkshire Reg.



G J Sanders


The Bedfordshire Reg.



Charles Powlett Strong

2nd Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action at Graspan. 6th June 1901. Aged 25. Son of Lieutenant-Colonel C. J. Strong, of Peterborough. Born 9th January 1875. he was gazetted to the Bedfordshire Regiment on 6th mArch, 1895, and became Lieutenant 10th July 1897. Awarded the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) [London Gazette 27th September 1901]. Memorial in Northampton Cathedral - "To the Glory of God and in memory of Brave Men, inhabitants of this County and neighbourhood, who gave their lives for their Sovereign and Country during the War in South Africa 1899-1902, the Western Window of this Cathedral was filled with stained glass, AD 1903........ The Bedfordshire Regiment, Lieut. C.P. Strong, DSO.....". He was killed before his decoration was gazetted, and the insignia, etc., were sent to his father. [See also Bedfordshire Boer War Memorial]


W Barringham



A Dunkley


W Savage

6506, 2nd Bedfordshire Rgt, died of enteric fever, 13th May 1900, Bloemfontein. [Also on Isle of Ely Memorial]

J T Trowell


The Leicestershire Reg.



Herbert Booth

3799, Killed in action Lombards Kop 30th October 1899 and is buried in town cemetery Ladysmith

Ralph Woolmer

5185, died of Enteric fever in Ladysmith 5th March 1900 and is buried in Intombi cemetery

Robert Glover

848, died of Enteric fever on 25/9/1900 in Johannesburg

George Kendall

4288, died of disease in Pretoria 15th February 1900

J Walter Wesley

6025, died of disease 12th September 1901 burial place unknown

J Thomas Wilford

3709, died of wounds 23rd August 1900 somewhere in Natal

Robert J Dix

3702, died of wounds in Ladysmith 21st February 1900 and is buried in the town cemetery

The Royal Welsh Fusiliers



E L Morris


The South Wales Borderers



G H Collins


J Patenall


The King’s Own Scottish Borderers


Lce. Cpl.

J H Riddle


The East Surrey Reg.


Lce. Cpl.

W A Downing

4806, Killed in action on 23rd February 1900 at Wynne Hill where he is buried

The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry



H Boar


J Thorneycroft


The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)



C Eykyn


The Oxfordshire Light Infantry



W C Ward


The Essex Reg.



P C Gould


The Sherwood Foresters (Derbyshire Reg. )



J Day


The Northamptonshire Reg.


Lce. Cpls.

F C Holt


J Reynolds


A T Wright



E G Allen


J Andrews


A Bentley


F Blunsom


O Booth


E H Britten


J Bromwich


J R Brown


S Brown


J Bull


H Clayson


W Coleman


W Crane


W Fitzhugh


E Green


A Harris


T Hill


W Lane


G Mabbutt


R Newcomen


F Palmer


W Penn


C Perkins


J Robinson


D W Rogers


A Roughton


W Shortland


G Smith


J Smith


T Stockford


F Sturgess


J W Tabor


A Tarry


F Tatam


H Taylor


W Thurland


A Timpson


W C Tompkins


A Turnell


G Upex


G Ward


J W Ward


F Wells


J W Wills


W Yandell


The Northamptonshire Reg. Volunteer Company



J Dove



J B Cooper


L Joyce


G F Percival


E A Smith


The King’s Own (Yorkshire Light Infantry)


Colour Sgt.

H Lawton


Lce. Cpl.

W H Rowe



HC Smith


The King’s Royal Rifle Corps


Lieut. Col.

R H Gunning

Grave of R H Gunning

Memorial to R H Gunning
Killed in action, 20th October 1899, Second Boer War. Grave and Regimental Memorial, Talana, Dundee, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Photographs Copyright © Keynsham Light Horse 1998


H Rowles

1st Battalion, 9965 Cpl. H Rowles died of wounds at Farquhars farm, no date or grave


J H Burton


G F H Clarke


W T Fisher


Edward Lack

3rd Battalion, 6551, died 18th May 1900 of Meningitis in Ladysmith and buried in town cemetery

J Reeves

3rd Battalion 6552, died 19th February 1900 of dysentery at Pietermaritzburg where he is buried

A Smith


W Spicer

3rd Battalion, 625, killed in action 22nd February 1900 at Harts Hill and buried at Onderbroek Spruit

M Warwick


The Duke of Edinburgh’s (Wiltshire Reg. )



C J H Walsh


The Manchester Reg.



G F W Brindley


The Prince of Wales’s (North Staffordshire Reg. )



H J Sanders


The Gordon Highlanders



E L Simmonds


The Royal Irish Rifles



H J Bull


The Rifle Brigade
(The Prince Consort’s Own)



E G Campbell

Almost certainly died of wounds at Bergendal on 27th August 1900

Lce. Cpl.

C Markie

2nd Battalion, 4146, died 22th December 1899 of Enteric fever at Ladysmith and is buried at Intombi camp


F Abel

1st Battalion,5266, killed in action 27th February 1900 at Harts Hill where he is buried

G Keech

2nd Battalion, 5386, died 14th November 1899 of gunshot wounds in Ladysmith where he is buried

H Mainwood

2nd Battalion, 5441, died 3/7/1900 of Enteric fever in Pietermaritzburg where he is buried

J Ray Pieters

1st Battalion, 184, killed in action on 28/2/1900 and buried at Harts Hill.

The Army Service Corps



Arthur Edmun Longden

Born 27th March 1864. He was gazetted to the Linconshire Regiemnt 7th February 1855 as Lieutenant; transferred to the North Staffordshire Regiment on 23rd March 1887; took part in operations in Zululand in 1888; was transferred to the Army Service Corps 15th September 1890. he became Captain 3rd April 1892, and subsequently Major. he was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for services in South Africa [London Gazette 19th April 1901] Died 20 April 1901.


Royal Army Medical Corps


Lce. Cpl.

H Felce



E Marshall


A Monk


The City of London Imperial Volunteers


Lce. Cpl.

J R Blott


Bethune’s Mounted Infantry



C B Hammond

788, Killed in action, Scheepers Nek 20th May 1900 buried at Scheepers Nek

Brabant’s Horse



S Gishford


Loch’s Horse



S Perkins


New South Wales Bushmen



W B Scott


Peninsular Horse



G J Perkins


Protectorate Reg.



F W Nichols


Rhodesian Reg.



W F Norman


South African Constabulary



A J Williams


South African Light Horse



W J Corr

998, died 11th April 1900 in Ladysmith where he is buried in the town cemetery

St. John Ambulance Brigade



C Giddens



CR Bettles


A Ellis


A Farrow


JW Sawford


A Woodhams


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