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Sawston Cross

It is believed that the original Cross was built by the Knights Templar reference the Survey of Sawston 1580: "Here standith a crosse covered with tyles".

As recently as 1815 the Cross was enclosed by a building shaped like an amphitheatre, only the top part of the Cross being visible. The Table Book Vol. 2, William Hone, The Gentleman Magazine 1815. In the summer of 1815 the Cross was removed for some unknown reason and later replaced; in the process of these operations the top of the Cross was broken off and for the following seventy years only the shaft remained. In the [eighteen] eighties ...another Cross was refixed to the top of the shaft, and later on in 1919 there were further alternations, the Cross being adapted to form the central feature of the Village War Memorial, being raised on a new foundation of Cornish granite. The iron railings were removed at the same time and replaced by a surround of a more dignified character.

In February 1943 the top of the Cross was again broken off, this time by an Army unit, who failed either to apologise for such a thoughtless if unintentional act of vandalism or even to report the matter to a responsible authority. The replacement was carried out later by Messrs. Rattee an Kett, of Cambridge.

[Extracted from Traviss Teversham's book 'T. F. Teversham, History of Sawston Part II 1947']

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Sawston World War I

The following article is taken from Sawston as Seen edited by Mary Dicken and Audrey Lambart, available from the Sawston History Society.

This extract (c.1942) is from a previously unpublished article written by Traviss Teversham. It may originally have been intended to be included in the History of Sawston Part II.

Forty Sawston men fell in the campaign, and the majority were killed in action in France. I knew most of them by sight, many of them personally and a number of them rather intimately. All of them were junior to me except Arthur Giggins, a regular soldier, and Harry baker and Jack Samuel, who were my own age. Harry was at school with me under John Falkner, and we played cricket and football together for Sawston St. Mary's. His nickname was "Jumbo", a suitable name for one who smiled and joked his way along. Sturdy and stockily built, many will remember him as a useful winger for the Church Institute Football Club. Bert Coleman was also a schoolfellow with me under Falkner. He was a quiet and retiring boy; he won a minor county scholarship. Arthur Edwardes was a handsome lad of charming disposition who was still at school when war broke out. As a pilot in the R.F.C. he crashed during training and we were again reminded that those whom the gods love die young; Bill Gee, who fell early on in Flanders, was a typical guardsman, buisiness-like and to the point. I remember bidding him goodbue and good luck as he entrained at Whittlesford Station with Jack Barker and other reservists on the eve of the war. Who could ever forget dapper little Freddie Goodwin in his Sunday best, with a flower and a sprig of maiden-hair in his button-hole?

Sidney Hall was a tall, clear-skinned youth of genial disposition, with a complexion a girl might envy. Ronald Jennings had the qualities to be expected of an 'old regular' of the Rifle Brigade. He was handsome, dashing and upstanding, with a masterful air. Wilfred, his younger brother, had a quiet happy disposition.

Harry Moulton was an only son, whose ready smile reflected his happy outlook on life.

Sidney Parsons, quiet and unassuming, was born a few doors away from me in New Road. He lies in France in an unknown grave.

George Rickett and his brother Leonard, both of the Canadian Army, had emigrated to Canada shortly before the war. Leonard was quite a lad, beautifully built and of striking appearance.

Percy Runham was one of several only sons in the list. He was a boy with bright brown eyes and immaculate appearance. As a sergeant in the Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, he was killed in France leading a bombing raid on the German lines.

Alfred Barker of the Lincolnshire Regiment, was another tall, upright handsome lad, who for many years drove one of Crampton's oil vans.

I said goodbye to Eric Fortin for the last time, in the early Autumn of 1915 at Hanley Castle Worcestershire. He was training at Malvern with a Birmingham City battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, and he called to see me with two of his pals. All three lie across the channel. Eric's chief concern in 1914 was the fear that the doctors would turn him down since he had had a nervous breakdown shortly before the war broke out. On his last leave at his Hillside home he said goodbue to Herbert Reed at our garden gate, "Cheerio," said Herbert, "Here's to our next meeting in Berlin". Eric was mortally wounded at Arras in June 1916, while on patrol, and I heard of his death when I was in the trenches in front of Poloegsteert (Plug Street) Wood. Herbert, only a lad, fell in the bitter Passchendaele fighting in July 1917, Alfred and Arthur Mackay were the twin sons of Stephen Mackay, who, with his brother Sam (a tough pair indeed), dug many wells for the houses along Hillside and elsewhere in the village.

Corporal Frank Mackay, cousin to Alfred and Arthur, was a smart soldier of very striking appearance. Their grandparents were Scots who came to this district about a century ago. Mackay is a famous fighting name in Scotland, and the blood ran true in the strain that settled in Sawston.

Only dimly do I recall Percy Nunn, as a fair curlyhaired schoolboy, the youngest son of Humphrey Nunn, the former well-known fast bowler and centre forward, who also served during the war in France with the Royal Engineers.

For further reading there is a book about Sawston and the wars entitled "The Story of a Village 1919-1945" by Dennis Poulter. This has been the source for much of this information which has been kindly transcribed by Avril.




Pte. Anthony Allen, 675456, 2nd Battalion Eastern Ontario Regt. (Canadian Inf.). Died: 29th December 1917, age 27. Son of Emma Allen of Sawston. Buried: Bruay Communal Cemetery, Extension, France, Row L, Grave 34. He emigrated to Canada before the war and returned with the Canadian Army.


L/Cpl Alfred Barker, 40302, 2nd Battalion Lincolnshire Regt. Died: 4th March 1917, age 29. Son of John and Rebecca Barker, of Orchard Road, Sawston. Commemorated on The Thiepval Memorial, France, Pier 1, Face C (Register MR21) Part 3. He was a stretcher bearer and, with his opposite number, had just brought in a casualty when a shell exploded close by. "As always," said his CO, "he did his job fearlessly". For many years he drove one of Cramptions oil vans.


Serg. Harry G. Barker, West Yorks Regt. Husband and father of five children. Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. Barker of Gas Lane, Sawston Traviss Teversham writes, "Harry was at school with me under John Falkner. We played cricket and football together for Sawston St. Marys. His nickname was "Jumbo", a suitable name for one who joked and smiled his way through life."


Pte. George Brand, 14073, age 34, 8th Battalion Suffolk Regt. Son of Mrs. Emily Jane Brand of Sawston. Buried in Regina Trench Cemetery, Gaandcount, France, Plot 7, Row F, Grave 9 (FR314).


Pte. Walter Brand, 23616, 2nd Battalion Suffolk Regt. Died: 19th July 1916, age 36. Husband of Florence, father of two children, son of Mr. & Mrs. E. Brand, brother of George. Commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France. Pier 1, Frac L, Pier 2, Face A (MR21). When examined after his death, the bullets which killed him had perforated the photograph of his two children (which he carried at all times).


Pte. Arthur Chapman, 3493, 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regt. Killed in action 14th October 1916. Enlisted in Cambridge. Husband of Mrs. A. Chapman, father of six children (eldest 14). Commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France, Pier 16, Face B (MR 21).


L/Cpl Alfred Childs, 44508, 195th Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). Died: 2nd August 1917, age 21. Son of Barney and Mary Childs of Huntingdon Farm, Sawston. Commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium, Panel 56, Reg. 29, Part 15 (UK). He enlisted with "The City of London Rifles" and was wounded. Following recovery he returned to France and transferred to the MG Corps. He was killed in the battle of Looes and had an elder brother in the army.


Pte. L. J. Churchman, 8876, 2nd Battalion Suffolk Regt. Died: 30th September 1915. Buried in Perth Cemetery (China Wall) Cemetery, Zillebeke, Belgium, Plot 2, Row C, Grave 7 (Reg. B115).


Herbert (Bertie) Coleman - no other details given - Traviss Teversham writes: "Bert was also a schoolfellow under John Falkner, a quiet and retiring boy, won a county scholarship and left Sawston School in September 1898." See also Perse School


2nd Lieut. Maurice Stanley Charles (Marsden) Cooper, 9th Attached 6th Battalion Bedfordshire Regt. Died: 9th August 1916, age 19. Son of Jonathan and Emma Emily Cooper of Cambridge. Buried in Millencourt Communal Cemetery, Extension, France, Row A, Grave 30 (Reg France/97).


Pte. Cyril Frank Cowling, 4100, P.W.O. Civil Service Rifles. Died: 15th September 1916, age 24. Son of John and the late Agnes Mary Cowling of Cambridge. Commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France, Pier 13, Face C. He had moved forward to an old German trench and was signalling back to HQ when he was hit in the neck by shrapnel. He was a native of Sawston.


Pte. Reginald Arthur Duller, 45931, 6th Battalion Yorks. & Lancaster Regt. Died: 1st October 1918, age 19. Son of Arthur William Duller of Sawston. Buried in Sucrerie Cemetery, Epinoy, France, Row B, Grave 10 (Reg. Fn. 406)


Arthur Edwardes - RFC or RAF - Traviss Teversham writes: "Arthur was of a charming disposition, who was still at school when war broke out. As a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. he crashed during training and we are again reminded that 'Those whom the Gods Love die young'." His brother Capt. Eric Grant Edwardes of the East Lancs. Regt. was awarded the Military Cross. They lived at The Brook, Sawston possibly A W EDWARDS, Second Lieutenant 41st Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps and, General List who died on Wednesday, 10th October 1917. Buried in VIS-EN-ARTOIS BRITISH CEMETERY, HAUCOURT, Pas de Calais, France. Grave XI. D. 9. or A S EDWARDS, Captain, 30 Sqdn., Royal Air Force, who died on Tuesday, 14th May 1918. Buried in BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERY, Iraq. Grave XVIII. E. 14. or Henry Arthur EDWARDS, the "Airmen Died In the Great War 1914-1918" states this man was a native of Swaston. 2/Lt. RFC, while serving with 44 (Home Defence) Sqn., Hainault Farm, killed in a flying accident 16th February 1918 flying a Sopwith Camel night-fighter that broke up in mid-air. Buried at St. Patrick's RC, Leytonstone, Essex (A.14.1378). (See 'Cross & Cockade' Journal Vol. 28, no. 1 (1997), pp. 19-20, for account of Edwards' part in an attack on a German bomber over Lodon, 29th January 1918).


Pte. Eric Owen Fortin, 571, 16th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regt. Died: 25th May 1916, age 27. Son of William and Emma Hetty Fortin of Sawston. Buried in Fauboure D'Amiens Cemetery, Arras, France, Plot 1, Row B, Grave 56, Reg. France 1182. Mortally wounded at Arras whilst on patrol.


Pte. William Gee, 12494, 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards. Died: 20th March 1915, age 28. Son of George and Jessie Gee of Sawston. Commemorated on the Le Touret Memorial, France, Panel 2 (Reg. MR 22). As a reservist, he went back into the army in August 1914 and was an "Old Contemptible".


Pte. A. Giggins, 4524, 1st Battalion Suffolk Regt. Died: 12 November 1918. Buried in Hamburg Cemetery, Ohlsdorf, Germany, Plot 6, Row E, Grave 3. He died one day after the Armistice.


L/Cpl Cecil Gilbey, 14710, 8th Battalion Suffolk Regt. Died: 29th October 1916. The Thiepval Memorial, France, Pier 1, Face C, Pier 2, Face A (Reg MR21).


Pte. Frederick Goodwin, 28258, 1st Battalion Essex Regiment. Died of wounds 5th April 1918, age 29. Son of Robert and Maria Goodwin of Sawston. Born and resident Sawston, enlisted Cambridge. Buried in Doullens Communal Cemetery, Extension No. 1, France, Plot 6, Row E, Grave 54 (Reg. France 62). He was wounded in the chest in August 1917.


Pte. Herbert Victor Gray, 20997, 11th Battalion Suffolk Regt. Died: 10th September 1918, age 21. Son of James and Sophia Gray of Goldington, Bedford. Buried in the Aire Communal Cemetery, France, Plot 6, Row E, Grave 54 (Reg France 31). Left Sawston School in 1911

From Andy Pay's research into the Marquis de Ruvigny' s Roll of Honour the following:

Volume 2, Part 5 , Page 73 Private Herbert Victor Grey, number 20997 11th Suffolk Regiment. Son of the late James Grey by his wife Sophia Elizabeth daughter of Isaac Farrington. Born Sawston 1-8-1897 and educated there. Was a farm labourer. Enlisted 28-7-15, served with the expeditionary force in France and Flanders from 3-6-16 and died at the stationery hospital, Aire 10-9-16 from wounds received in action. Buried in the Aire Cemetery.


William Gray - no further details - Brother of Herbert, son of James & Sophia Gray of Goldington, Bedford. Left Sawston School in September 1907. Can find no trace of him


Pte. Sidney Hall, 2345, 1st Hertfordshire Yeomanry. Died: 26th July 1916, age 23. Son of William Hall of Sawston. Buried in Amara War Cemetery Irag., Plot 14, Row H, Grave 12 (Reg. Irag 5). He died of sunstroke whilst on active service.


Sapper J. Harradine, 180606, Training Centre (Deganwy) Royal Engineers. Died: 30th October 1918. Buried in Great Shelford or Shelford Magna St. Mary's Churchyard, Cambridgeshire, in east part (Reg. MR 29) - not sure of the link to Sawston -


C. S. M. Ronald Jennings, 205167, 11th Battalion Royal West Kent Regt. Died: 11th August 1917, age 29. Husband of May Jennings of Ham(p)stead, London, son of Thomas and Ruth Jennings of Brookfield Road, Sawston. Commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium, Panels 45 and 47 (Reg. MR 29). An old regular soldier of the Rifle Brigade, he had been promoted and transferred to the West Kents.


Cpl. William (Wilfred) Jennings, M.M., 325089, 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regt. Transport Section, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. His MM was gazetted October 1916. Killed in action 23rd September 1916. Son of Thomas and Ruth Jennings of Brookfield Road, Sawston, brother of Ronald, born Stapleford and enlisted in Sawston. Formerl 1163 Cambridgeshire Regiment. Buried in Epehy Wood Farm Cemetery, France, Plot 1, Row A, Grave 14 (Reg. FR 369). He was in camp with the Territorials when war broke out.


Pte. Arthur Loates, 20006, 2nd Battalion Norfolk Regt. Died: 20 June 1916. Husband of Alice, father of Cathleen, Louise and Sammy. Born Walmer, Kent, enlisted Cambridge. Buried in Borna War Cemetery, Irag., Plot 6, Grave 3, Row S (Reg. Inag 6).


Pte. Alfred Mackay, 18287, 1st Battalion Suffolk Regt. Died: 12th January 1918, age 23. Son of Stephen and Susan Mackay of Sawston. Buried in Sanigol Military Cemetery, Greece, Plot C, Grave 467


Pte. Arthur Mackay (twin brother of Alfred). Reference is made in the Sawston School Log Book, Arthur left school in October 1907. Apart from that, can find no trace of him.


L/Cpl Frank Mackay, 7066, 7th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. Died: 1st November 1917, of pneumonia. Cousin of Alfred and Arthur. He lived in Common Lane, Sawston. Buried in St. Seuen Cemetery, Rouen, France, Block O, Plot 1, Row Q, 1, Part 4, UK L-R.


Pte. Frederick George Moule, 13633, 11th Battalion Suffolk Regt. Wounded 1st July 1916, died of those wounds 20th July 1916, age 29. Husband of Annie Marie, father of Eddie and Mabel of Sawston, son of George and Harriet Moule of Whittlesford. Buried in St. Seuen Cemetery, Rouen, France, Plot A, Row 33, Grave 17. Badly wounded on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.


Cpl. Harry Moulton, 15119, D. Coy. 8th Battalion Royal Norfolk Regt. Died: 19th February 1916, age 28. Son of John Harvey and Emma Moulton of Sawston. Buried in Albert Communal Cemetery, Extension, France, Plot 1, Row B, Grave 12 (Reg France 430).


Pte Percy Nunn, 2249, A Company, 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regt. Died: 14th October 1916. Son of Humphrey and Mrs. Nunn of 5 New Road, Sawston. Commemorated on the The Thiepval Memorial, France, Pier 16, Face B (Reg MR 21). Killed instantly by a shell whilst doing repairs to field telephone lines. At one time father and two sons were serving in France.


Pte Sidney Parsons, 24008, 7th Battalion Norfolk Regt. Died: 28th April 1917, age 21. Son of Frederick and Mary Parsons of Long Reach, Old Chesterton, Cambs. (born in Sawston). Buried in Dury Crucifix Cemetery, France, Plot 6, Row B, Grave 34 (Reg. France 427). Enlisted King's Lynn.


Pte. Reginald Henry Elliott Payne, S/9528, 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlands. Died: 1st August 1917, age 26. Son of Marie A. Forster (formerly Payne) of Shepherds Bush, London and the late Henry James Payne (native of Cambridge). Buried in Basra War Cemetery, Irag, Plot 4, Row A, Grave 3 (Reg. Irag 6) - not sure of the Sawston connection -


Pte. Herbert Reed, 325397, A Company, 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regt. Killed in action 31st July 1917, age 20, formerly 1858 Cambridgeshire Regiment. Born and enlisted in Sawston. Son of George and Sarah Reed of 5 Cramptons Terrace, Sawston. Buried in La Brique Military Cemetery No. 2, St-Jean-Les, Ypres, Belgium, Plot 1, Row A, Grave 12 (Reg. Belgium 92). Only a lad, died in the bitter fighting at Passchendale. A Sawston bellringer, a plaque in honour is in St. Marys Church, Sawston.


Pte. George Chase Ricketts, 700600, 4/3rd Battalion Manitoba Regt. (Canada). Died: 1st October 1918, age 25. Son of Tom and Isabella Ricketts of Sawston. Buried in Mill Switch British Cemetery, France, Row C, Grave 5 (Reg. France 599). The younger of two brothers who emigrated to Canada (see below)


Pte. Lionel J. Ricketts, 202664, 10th Battalion Alberta Regt. (Canada). Died: 26th April 1915. Eldest son of Tom and Isabella Ricketts of Sawston. Commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium, Panel 24 (Reg. MR 29). Lionel emigrated to Canada before the war and came back early with the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Killed in the 2nd Battle of Ypres. The elder of two brothers who emigrated to Canada (see above)


Pte. H. Rouse, 22835, 7th Battalion Suffolk Regt. Died: 12th October 1916, age 23. Son of James Rouse of the Cycle Exchange, Sawston. Buried in BeauLencourt British Cemetery, Ligny-Thilloy, France, Plot 3, Row B, Grave 15 (Reg FR 560). He was employed by Mr. Edwards of Sawston Mineral Works.


Pte William Rowlinson, 12552, 8th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers Died: 7th October 1915, age 24. Son of Robert and Alice Rowlinson of Sawston. Buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Suvla, Gallipoli, Plot 2, Row E, Grave 26 (G15).


Sgt. Percy James Runham, 27794, 8th Battalion Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regt. Died: 2nd May 1918, age 27. Son of Mary A. Runham and the late James Runham of Sawston. Commemorated on the Loos Melorial, France, Panels 19-20 (Reg. MR 19). An only son, he was killed leading a bombing party on the German lines.


Air Mechanic 2nd Class John (Jack) Samuel, 26751, Royal Flying Corps. Died: 28th May 1917, age 35. Husband of Mrs. S. E. Samuel of 10 St. Edward's Passage, Cambridge, son of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel of Hillside, Sawston. Buried in Sawston Cemetery, Cambs. in North West part, Grave 497 (Reg. Cambs. 50). He joined the Royal Flying Corps. in April 1916 and was appointed to the Kite Balloon Section 16. Whilst observing for the Vimy Ridge range, his balloon was fired on by the enemy and his section shelled out three times. He was invalided home in April suffering from severe shock and died in Ipswich Hospital. He was borne to the grave by a company of wounded soldiers from Whittlesford V.A.D. Hospital.


Pte. Walter Skinner, 9127, 2nd Battalion East Lancashire Regt. Killed in action 9th May 1915, age 24. Brother of Miss May Skinner of Sawston. Born Cambridge, enlisted Cambridge, resident Sawston. Commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial, Belgium, Panels 5-6 (Reg MR 32). Killed in the 2nd Battle of Ypres.


Pte. Bertie Reginal Townsend, 326409, 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regt. Died: 31st July 1917, age 19. Son of Matilda Townsend of Sawston and the late Arthur Townsend. Commemorated on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, Belgium, Panels 50-52 (Reg. MR 29).


Pte. Herbert Wombwell, 133310, 51st Heavy Bde. Machine Gun Corps. (Inf.). Died: 21st July 1918, age 19. Son of Eli and Elizabeth Sarah Wombwell of Fulbourn, born at Thriplow, Cambs. Buried in Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, France, Plot 17, Row B, Grave 6 (Reg. FR 34). - not sure of the Sawston connection -


Not on the Cross


Lieut. James Lawrence Hedding, 3rd Battalion Dorsetshire Regt. Died: 28th March 1916, age 20. Son of William and Bertha Elizabeth Hedding of Bournemouth, Hants. Buried in Bethune Town Cemetery, France, Plot 3, Row K. Grave 4 (Reg. France 80, Part 1). His grandfather was a paper maker at the Sawston Paper Mill. He joined the Hampshire Regt. as a private and was commissioned in the Dorsets.


R.S.M. James Townsend, R/38178, Royal Army Service Corps., late 21st Lancers and Dorset Yeomanry. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Died suddenly on the 16th May 1917, age 50. Husband of Mary Ann Townsend of Sawston. Buried Blandford Cemetery, Dorset, Row 21, Grave 1496 (Reg. Dorset 9). He was R.S.M. at the Remount Camp at Blandford, one of the largest in the county. He served for over thirty years in the army.




Sapper Albert Edward Childs, 2068897, 287 Field Coy. Royal Engineers. Died: 18th August 1943, age 37. Prisoner of War. Husband of Mabel, father of Glenys and Veronica of New Road, Sawston. Buried in Tharbyuzayat War Cemetery, Burma, Plot B4, Row F, Grave 17, Register Burma 4. Died whilst a P.O.W. Was employed by Spicers Ltd.


Troop Sgt. Douglas Edward Howe Clare, 409111, The Queens Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards) Royal Armoured Corps. Died: 14th June 1942, age 24. Buried in Tobruk War Cemetry, Libya, Plot 1, Row H, Register Libya 2. Grandson of Mr. & Mrs. George Clare of 6 Princes Terrace, Sawston. He died as a result of his wounds in a Middle Eastern hospital. Previous to enlisting in the Regular Army on 7th September 1936, he was employed at Spicers Ltd. He was also one of the first to join the Sawston Life Boys.


Pte. Harry Charles Dockerill, 5830189, 4th Battalion Suffolk Regt. Died: between 5-15th February 1942, age 24. Husband of Ivy, on of Mr. & Mrs. H. Dockerell, 11 Town Close, Sawston. Buried in Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore, Plot 12, Row E, Collective Grave 1-3, Register Singapore 1. Eldest son of Mr. C. Dockerill of 11 Town Close, Sawston. He joined the army one month before the outbreak of war (5th August 1939) as a militiaman. Saw service in France and Belgium, evacuated through Dunkirk. Killed in the battle of Singapore, in "B" Company. Before joining up, he was employed in the Book and Pad Department of Spicers Ltd.


Flt. Seargent Michail O'Donovan Fuller, 745940, RAF (VR) 35 Sqdn. Wireless Operator, Gunner, 35 Squadron flew Halifax bombers from Graveley. Died: 26th May 1943. Husband of Violet, father of Michael, Ann and Peter. Buried in Reichswalt Forest War Cemetery, Germany, Plot 5, Row D, Grave 17, Register Germany 1. Shot down over Dusseldorf whilst doing an extra tour.


L/Cpl. Reginald Charles Godfrey, 5833571, 2nd Battalion Cambridgeshire Regt. Died: 28th January 1942. Commemorated on the Singapore Memorial, Kranji War Cemetery, Column 57, Register MR 16, Part 5. Killed in action in Malaya whilst serving with the 2nd Batt. just before it moved to Singapore, at the battle of Senggarang, ten miles from Batu Bahat, Malaya


Flt. Sgt. (Pilot) Maurice William Hayman, 564713, Royal Air Force 66 Sqn, 66 Squadron flew Spitfires from Coltishall (they left Duxford in May 1942). Died: 2nd June 1940, age 26. Husband of Dorothy E. Hayman of Letchmore Heath, Herts., son of John and Minnie Hayman of Brixham, Devon. Buried in Etaples Military Cemetery, France, Plot 46, Row C, Grave 14, Register France 262. Well liked in Sawston where he attended the Congregational Chapel. 66 Sqdn. was based at Duxford, from where he was shot down, over Dunkirk.


L/Bdr. Alfred Arthur Mackay, 1137266, 20th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. Died: 13th June 1944, age 21. Foster son and nephew of Samuel and Alice Mackay of Mill Lane, Sawston. Buried in Ranville War Cemetery, France, Plot 2A, Row F, Grave 1071. Died of wounds received in Normandy. Previously employed by Thomas Evans Co. Leather Works. Sawston Parish Church Bell Ringers rang a half muffled peal in his honour. He was a member of the society.


Pte Sidney Reginald Matthews, 11266556, 4th Battalion The Kings Own Scottish Borderers. Died: 7th January 1945, age 22. Son of Ethel P. Stock of Pampisford. Buried in Brunssum War Cemetery, The Netherlands, Plot 5, 232-233, Register Netherlands 164. Whilst preparing to lay a minefield, two 350 mines exploded killing 25 Royal Engineers and 17 Scottish Borderers. At almost the same time, in the village of Tripsrath, there was a similar explosion which killed 4 more Borderers. Two days later all the men were buried in a large grave. After the war they were re-buried in individual graves. Sidney was buried in a double grave with Private R. Randle as there was difficulty with identification. Educated at Sawston Village College. Prior to being called up he was employed in the wax wrapping department of Spicers Ltd.


Flying Officer Peter Roy Mitchell, 152847, Royal Air Force (V.R.) 487 Squadron (RNZ Air Force). 487 Squadron flew Mosquitos from Hunsden. Died: 24th February 1944, age 23. Husband of Florence Josephine Mitchell of 5 The Limes, Sawston Hevenlee War Cemetery, Belgium, in joint grave, Plot 2, Row J, Grave 6. Whilst navigating a Mosquito aircraft on a night intruder operation, was shot down over Namur, Belgium. Peter, an only son, was born in New Brunswick, Canada and came to Britain when he was four years old.


Sgt. Pilot Geoffrey Sidney Nunn, 1252728, Royal Air Force (VR) 75 Squadron. 75 Squadron flew Wellington bombers from Feltwell. Died: 8th November 1941, age 20. Only son of Sidney Carter and Lily Evelyn Nunn of 2 Hillside, Sawston. Buried in Doetinchem (Loonlan) General Cemetery, The Netherlands, Row 1, Grave 4, Register Netherlands 287). Killed on his 21st operation flight. Previously employed by Gallyons of Bridge Street, Cambridge


Driver Douglas Herbert Charles Peters, T/251956, Royal Army Service Corps. Lost in S.S. City of Guildford (Liverpool). Died: 27th March 1943, age 38. Son of Mr. & Mrs. E. C. Peters of New Road, Sawston. Commemorated on the Brookwood Memorial, Surrey, Panel 17, Column 1, Reg. MR 36.


Pilot Officer Richard Christopher Sykes Renshaw, 60567, Royal Air Force (VR) 15 Squadron. 15 Squadron flew Blenheims from Wyton, with a detachment at Lossiemouth. Died: 29th June 1941. Only son of Ernest and Ruth Lavinia Renshaw of St. Ives, Cornwall. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, Panel 34, Register MR7, Part 12. His father was chief engineer at Sawston Paper Mill


Sgt. Neville William Salmon, 1309425, Royal Air Force (VR) 2726 Squadron. Died: 7th June 1944, aged 31. Husband of Jane, son of William and Louisa Ann Salmon, of The Old School House, Sawston. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, Panel 237, Reg. MR 7 Part 12. Youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. L. A. Salmon, 19 New Road, Sawston. Reported missing after the ship in which he had embarked to France was sunk. Employed at Cramptons before the war


Pte. Philip Clive Wakefield, 14205564, 6th Battalion The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment). Died: 13th November 1944, age 21. Son of Albert and Gertrude Flora Wakefield of Brookfield Road, Sawston. Buried in Cesena War Cemetery, Italy, Plot 2, Row C, Grave 6, Reg. Italy 31.


Not on Cross


Pte. Sidney George Biggs, 5933200, 1st Battalion Cambridgeshire Regt. Died: 19th May 1944, age 30. Prisoner of War. Died of tropical ulcers at Non Pladuk, Thailand. Buried in Chungkai War Cemetery, Thailand, Plot 9, Row l, Grave 4, Register Thailand 1. Suffering from severe Beri Beri (lack of vitamin B) he lost a leg. He was employed by the Council on roads and bridges before joining the army. See also Stapleford.


Flt. Sgt. Robert Gerald Page, 744324, Royal Air Force (VR) 75 Squadron. 75 Squadron flew Wellington bombers from Mildenhall with a detachment at Oakington. (Note: the squadron had moved from Feltwell, where they were stationed when Geoffrey Nunn killed - see above.) Died: 24th August 1942, age 28. Son of Percy Fredrick and Edith Mary Page of Pampisford. Buried in Gosselies Communal Cemetery, Belgium, Row 1, Grave 2, Reg. Belgium 138




Private 22488551, 1st Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. Killed in action 25th November 1952, age 19. Son of Frederick and Hilda Dockerill of 27 New Road, Sawston. Plot 39, Row 3, Grave 3340, Register Pusan, Korea. Place of death: CT 144-186 Korea. Whilst on patrol in "no-man's-land", they were overwhelmed by a large enemy force. John worked for Cramptons before doing his National Service. Reported in The Times newspaper 13th December 1952. Buried in UN Memorial Cemetery, Korea. Plot 39, Row 3, Grave 3340.

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