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World War 1 & 2 - detailed information
Compiled and copyright © George Pritchard 2005
Terry Moyle

The St Keverne memorial is in the form of a Latin Wheel cross mounted on a tapered column affixed to an octagonal plinth with three steps leading to it. The memorial is surrounded by railings. There is an inscription on the memorial but the names of those who died in both the First World War and Second World War are to be found on plaques hanging inside the church.

Photographs Copyright © George Pritchard 2005

To the Glory of God and in abiding remembrance
of the men of St Keverne Parish
who gave their lives in the Great War
1914 - 1918
Sacred to the memory of the glorious dead

And to those who served in the
World War 1939 1945
Suffering, Sorrow, Deliverence,
VE - VJ Day 1945 -1995
St Keverne Celebrates 50 years of Peace

In Grateful Memory of the Men of St Keverne
Who Fell in the Great War



Lance Corporal V/728258, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Born on 28 April 1868 at Mirfield, Yorkshire, the son of Sam and Rachel Auty. By 1911 he was residing in Donegal House, Churchtown, St. Keverne. Died 17 July 1918 aged 50 at the Norfolk War Hospital, Thorpe St.Andrew. Buried at St. Keverne 20 July 1918 .


William Henry
Second Lieutenant, Royal Army Service Corps. Son of Walter George and Sarah Bonfield of Kempston, Bedford and husband of Florence Bonfield of Coverack. He died of wounds on 26 October 1917, aged 37 and was buried in Adinkerke Military Cemetery, Belgium. Born in 1876 at Fordham, Essex, the son of Walter and Sarah Bonfield. In 1911 he and his family were at North Corner, Coverack and he was the Estate Agent for the Squire of the Parish (P.D.Williams). See also Coverack


Private 23859, 10th Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Killed in action 25 October 1917 in France & Flanders. Born in St. Keverne in 1897 the son of Elizabeth Ann Edwards (remarried as Peters), of Penhallick, Coverack. Enlisted at Helston. Buried in Duhallows A.D.S. Ceemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Plot II. Row A. Grave 18. By 1911 he was aged 14 and working on the farm at Little Penhallick for his uncle Richard Edwards. See also Coverack


Thomas John
Boatswain 32/800, HMS Indefatigable, Royal Navy. Killed in Action at the Battle of Jutland when HMS Indefatigable was sunk 31 May 1916, aged 35. Born in 1882 the son of John and Mary Ann Eustace. In the 1911 Census he was in the Royal Navy aged 30 on HMS Blake, Home Fleet at sea latitude 50.35N Longitude 0.30W. His rank was given as Petty Officer 1 Class Seaman. Awarded 1914-1915 Star Campaign Medal of the British Empire. See also Coverack


Frederick [John]
Petty Officer Second Class 124325, HMS Monmouth, Royal Navy. Husband of Emma Freathy and formerly a coastguard of Coverack. Killed in action at the naval Battle of Coronel off the Chilean coast on 1 November 1914 when his ship was sunk. Born on 5 April 1868 at Paignton, Devon, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Freathy. By 1914 the Freathy family was at Coverack. Next of kin was his widow Emma Freathy, of HM Coastguard Station, Coverack. See also Coverack


Frederick Charles
Private 18265, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). Son of Emma Freathy of Paignton, Devon and formerly of Coverack and of the late Frederick John Freathy of Coverack. He died on 11 December 1917 aged 22 and was buried in the Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery at Villers Plouich, France. Born in Totnes, Devon in 1895 the son of Frederick John and Emma Freathy. See also Coverack


Thomas John
Private 44531, Princess Charlotte of Wales Royal (Berkshire Regiment). Died of wounds 23 April 1918, aged 19. Born in St. Keverne in 1899 the son of John and Celia Hocking and in 1911 was a scholar at St. Keverne School. Enlisted Bodmin Buried Aire Communal Cemetery, France.


William James
Private 23860, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Son of James Henry and Mary Emma Hocking of Ponsongath Cottage. He was baptised at St Keverne church on 4 April 1895 and died on 7 March 1916 aged 21. He was buried in Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery. Born in 1895 at Ponsongath, St Keverne, the son of James Henry and Mary Emma Hocking of Ponsongath Cottage. By 1911 he was a farm labourer aged 16 working at Penhallick. See also Coverack


Sydney Wallace
Lance Sergeant 51940, 10th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. Killed in action 17 February 1917, aged 24. Born on 17 July 1892, the son of Samuel and Ada Lambrick. In the 1911 Census Returns Sydney was at Woodford, Essex with his regiment, the Royal Fusiliers City of London regiment and on the 1915 Electoral Roll he was a resident of Dulwich, London. No known grave. Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France. Pier and Face 8 C 9 A and 16 A. Plaque to his memory in St Keverne Methodist Chapel (March 1919).


Charles Grosvenor
Private 45440, Duke of Cornwall's Light Linfantry. Died of malaria 15 October 1918 in Egypt. Born in 1881 at Tregarne, St Keverne the son of Thomas and Susanna Lobb. In 1911 Charles, aged 29, was living in Plymouth and was a butter dealer. Buried Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel.


James Henry Clifford
Stoker Second Class K/25718 (Dev.), HMS Vivid, Royal Navy. Died of disease 5 June 1915, aged 18. Born at Anhay, St Keverne on 13 January 1897, the son of John Hayden and Esther Pearce. In 1911 Clifford was a scholar at Traboe School aged 13. Stepson of Mrs. S.A. Pearce of Parc-an-Quatty, St. Keverne. Buried in St. Keverne 7 June 1915.


Mark Llewellyn
Deck Hand 10436DA, HM Trawler “Renarro”, Royal Naval Reserve. Died when HM Trawler “Renarro” sunk by a mine at the entrance to the Dardanelles off the coast of Turkey 10 November 1918. Born on 29 May 1894, the son of Mark James and Ellen Jane Retallack. In 1911 aged 16 he was a delver stone quarryman. No known grave. Commemorated on Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon. Panel 29.


1254, 62nd Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery (Devonshire Regiment). Died of wounds 11 December 1916. Born in Michigan, USA., about 1891, the son of James Henry and Jane Roberts and grandson of Joseph Champion Peters of St. Keverne. The family returned from the USA to Cornwall just after he was born. In 1911 Archie was living in Churchtown, St Keverne aged 19, working as a stone quarryman. Enlisted Helston. Buried in Grove Town Military cemetery, Meulte, France.


Frank J
Lance Corporal 16725, 3rd Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Died 30th November 1917 in France. Born on 6th September 1892 at Traboe, the son of John and Sarah Roberts. In the 1911 Census he was at Rosuick aged 18 and working as a farm servant. No known grave. Commemorated on Cambrai Memorial, Louveral, France.


Private 25480, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Killed in action 4 October 1917, aged 28. Born at St Erth on 18 December 1888 the son of Nicholas and Alice Rule. By 1911 he was at Trelanvean Cottage, St Keverne, aged 22 and working as a stone quarryman. Buried in Meteren Military Cemetery, France.


James Henry
Private 200331, 4th Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Died of wounds 28 April 1918 aged 22 in Egypt. Born in Crowan in 1896, the son of Matthew and Grace Rashleigh Uren. In 1911 he was living at Dean Lodge, St Keverne aged 15 was an Office Boy for the Dean Quarry. Buried in Ramleh War Cemetery, Israel. The Litany Desk in St Keverne Church given in his memory

In Memory of those in this parish who gave their lives


Master at Arms D/M 39742, HMS Tamar, Royal Navy . Son of William Henry Bonfield (Deceased) and Florence Bonfield of Coverack. He died on when the Prison Ship Lison Maru was sunk in transit from Hong Kong to Shanghai 6 miles from Tung Fusham Island, off the China coast, 1/2 October 1942, aged 49, he was in Hold One. No known grave. Commemorated on on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon. Panel 72, Column 2. Born – 21 November 1901 Redruth Son of William Henry and Florence Bonfield. In the 1911 Census – living with parents and brother Eric at North Corner, Coverack aged 9. Prisoners of War. Died 2 October 1942 aged 49. See also Coverack

HMS Tamar – used as a base ship in Hong Kong. During the Battle of Hong Kong, HMS Tamar was towed out to a buoy on 8 December 1941 but was attacked by Japanese bombers and was scuttled on 12 December 1941 to avoid being used by the invading Japanese forces.


Richard [Simon]
Able Seaman, MV Hesperia (Leith), Merchant Navy. Died 7 February 1945 aged 34 and buried in Benghazi War Cemetery, Libya. Plot 4. Row A. Grave 10. Born – 1910. See also Coverack


Chief Officer, MV SS Polperro (Fowey), Merchant Navy. Died 6 January 1944, aged 42. Born – Durham Son of John and Kate Clark. Thomas Clark was brought up in the North -East of England and joined the Merchant Navy. On one occasion, his vessel came into Porthoustock quarry to load stone and Thomas decided to give up the sea and work as a quarryman in Cornwall. He did this in 1936 and began working at Porthoustock. In 1939 at the outbreak of War he decided to return to the Merchant Navy, serving on MV Polperro. In January 1944 while on convoy duty, the MV Polperro turned to leave the convoy to go into Penryn and was struck by a German E boat. On the 7 January his wife Catherine Clark received a telegram to say that the MV Polperro had been sunk by enemy action and that all hands were missing, presumed lost. No known grave. Commemorated on Tower Hill Memorial, London.

There is a plaque in Landewednack Church commemorating the loss of the MV Polperro.


John aka Jack
Bosun, MV Scottish Minstrel, Merchant Navy. Died 11 July 1940, aged 57. Born – 28 December 1883 Coverack. Son of George and Mary Jane Cruze. In the 1901 Census – resident Coverack, living with parents and siblings, aged 17 and working as a fisherman. In World War 1 he served as Z/2333, Royal Navy. 1940 – arrived New York 18 June 1941 from Falmouth on MV Scottish Minstrel aged 57. Bosun. No known grave. Commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial, London. See also Coverack


Merchant Navy - No further information currently available


Adolphus Alexander [John]
J94762, Royal Navy. Died 7 May 1951, aged 48, in Coverack, Born 26 December 1902 Coverack, son of Thomas John and Amelia Hocking. In the 1911 Census Hill Crest, Coverack aged 8. Living with parents and sister Dorothy aged 6. Awarded Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medals.Buried 9 May 1951 in Coverack.


William John Pentecost
Corporal 932985, 2804 Squadron, R.A.F. Regiment, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 24 February 1943 in Midhurst, Sussex of pneumonia, aged 29. Born 2 May 1914. Son of Ernest John and Elizabeth Jane Hocking. Husband of Violet Doris Hocking of Eltham Park, London and son of Ernest John and Elizabeth Jane Hocking of Laddenvean, St Keverne. Buried 27 February 1943 in St Keverne churchyard.


William Thomas
Chief Stoker D/305957, HMS Drake, Royal Navy. Born 8 June 1885 Teignmouth. Son of Thomas Henry and Elizabeth Jane Hocking. In the 1911 Census resident Devonport, aged, 25 Leading stoker on HMS Bittern, He served in both World Wars World War 1 first service date – 17 February 1904, first ship Vivid II. World War 1 end of service 7 April 1926, last ship Vivid II. Died 26 May 1944, aged 58. Buried 31 May 1944 St Keverne churchyard.
HUNTER (nee Williamson) Annette Bamford
Air Raid Warden of Coverack. Daughter of Charles Bamford and Florence Fannie Williamson of North Shields, Northumberland and wife of Squadron Leader Murland Hunter RAF, of Coverack. She died in the air raid on Coverack on 17 August 1942, aged 46, at Sunny Corner, Coverack, and was buried in Coverack on 19 August 1942. Born – 1896 South Shields, Durham. See also Coverack


Chief Engine Room Artificer D/MX51652, HMS Spartan, Royal Navy. Lost at sea 29 January 1944. No known grave. Commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon.


Richard Stanley
Stoker PO D/KX 80735, HMS Gloucester, Royal Navy. Born 1912 son of William Roberts and Elizabeth Mary Keverne of Treloyan, St Keverne. Joined Mediterranean fleet 1940, served in the Battle of Crete whre he lwas lost when his ship was sunk by German Junkers (dive bombers) 22 May 1941, aged 29. No known grave. Commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon.


Stewart David Lloyd
Stoker 1st Class D/KX105376, HMS Jupiter, Royal Navy. Died 27 February 1942 off Java Coast aged 24. Born 1918 Trevalsoe, St Keverne. Son of Edward and Lilian King (nee Peters) of St Keverne, Cornwall. No known grave. Commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon. Panel 70 Column 2.


Royal Artillery - No further information currently available


Richard [Henry]
Ordinary Signalman D/JX166588, HMS Barham, Royal Navy. Died when his ship was sunk by German U-boat U 331 in the Mediterranean 25 November 1941, aged 18. Born 18 September 1923, son of Harold Edward and Ada Retallack. Following the death of his mother in 1925 and the emigration of his father, Richard Retallack was brought up by his grandparents Henry & Elizabeth Mary Trounson Retallack. No known grave. Commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon.


Stoker First Class D/KX 98096, HMS Repulse, Royal Navy. Died when his ship was sunk 10 December 1941 by Japanese air attack on Kuantan, South China Sea 10 December 1941, aged 21. Born 28 March 1920 son of Thomas and Emily Charlotte Smitheram of Porthallow. No known grave. Commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon.


George Herbert
Chief Petty Officer D/J 82171, HMS Hermes, Royal Navy. Died 9 April 1942, aged 38. Born – 1902 Gwithian. Son of George Herbert and Frances White; husband of Tiny A. C. White, of Coverack, Cornwall. In the 1911 Census – living at Helford Passage, Constantine with parents and siblings aged 8 and at school. No known grave. Commemorated on Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon. Panel 63, Column 2. See also Coverack

April 1942 – whilst deployed with the Eastern Fleet, HMS Hermes came under attack from a Japanese aircraft carrier with heavy loss of life after being hit by several bombs.

"We will remember them"

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