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This database contains details of the men who served in the Great War 1914-1918 as detailed in the origianl book "Abingdon (Borough) Roll of Service August 1914 - June 1919" and added to from other sources. Links to any war memorials in the United Kingdom that these men are known to exist on are also provided plus photographs of either the men of their graves. The whole book is available on-line on the Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society web site.

Database contains 1,384 records - 27th December 2005



Died, Wounded or Returned


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Buried or Commemorated:
Available Street Names or House Names
Barton Court Police Station
Barton Lodge Queen Street
Bath Street Radley Road
Bostock Avenue Railway Terrace
Bostock Road Riverside Almshouses
Brick Alley Almshouses School House
Bridge Street Spring Gardens
Broad Street Spring Road
Bury Street Spring Terrace
Caldecott House St Edmund's Cottages
Caldecott Road St Edmund's Lane
Canal Wharf St Edmund's Place
Cemetery Road St Helen's Wharf
Christ's Hospital St John's Road
Christ's Hospital Almshouses St Michael's Avenue
Cintra House Station Road
Conduit Road Stert Street
Corporation Farm The Laurels
Croft Road, Thame Swinburne Road
East St Helen's Tesdale Terrace
Edward Street Thames Street
Exbourne Road The Abbey
Factory House The Bridge
Gaol Yard The Firs
High Street The Lindens
Ladygrove The Paddocks
Larkhill The Park
Lindfield The Square
Lombard Street The Square House
Marcham Road The Vineyard
Market Place The Warren
Mayotts Road Turnagain Lane
New Cut Mill Twickenham House
New Northcourt Victoria Road
New Street Waste Court
Northcourt West St Helen's
Northcourt House Wilsham Reach
Northcourt Terrace Wilsham Road
Ock Street Winsmore Lane
Ody Hill Winterbourne Road
Oxford Road Woodbridge Terrace
Park Crescent Wootton Road
Park Road  

The details used to create this database are from an original work entitled "Abingdon (Borough) Roll of Service August 1914 - June 1919". The details recorded here are based on this information but have been expanded with further details and some corrections. The photographs Copyright © Roll of Honour 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.

The entries have been added to using the 'Soldiers Died in the Great War' CD and information from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Additional information has then been drawn from other reference documents, for example, National Roll of the Great War and de Ruvigny's.

Links are provided to the war memorials that exist on-line for these men wherever pertinent and any photographs also linked. Hopefully this will provide a comprehensive set of information.

Extract from the preface of the book:


The movement for the compilation of the Abingdon (Borough) Roll of Service was commenced in 1916. It wass felt that a list of all men serving from the town during the War should be available and afterwards inscribed on Vellum for preservation in the Borough buildings as a permanent Record.

The suggestion was made to the local Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association Committee who adopted it, the Chairman (Mr. T. Skurray) agreeing to bring the matter before the Town Council with an offer from the Committee to undertake the compilation of the Roll on the Council's behalf. The offer being accepted, the work was commenced and has been carried on almost continuously from then until its completion in this issue. A thorough canvass of the entire Town was twice made, very house being visited each time in order to collect the information required. Great care has been taken by those responsible to obtain and record the details correctly and in addition a Proof Copy of the whole Roll, when completed, was published in The North Berkshire Herald to provide the fullest opportunity for the rectification of errors.

The Roll gives the following particulars, in the order stated, qualification for inclusion being based on either birth within the Borough or residence in it of not less than six months prior to enlistment:- Name, Honours (if any), Address (at enlistment of from where information was obtained), Rank (Officers and N.C.O's.), Regiment or Ship, Period of Service, Area of Service Abroad (if any). The names of the men who died on service are printed in heavier type, date, place, etc. of death being given after the other particulars, those wounded are indicated by an atserisk. Regular pre-war service is given as from August 1914, and the commencing date only of the period of service of those who were not demobilised by the end of June 1919.

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