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This database contains details of the men that can be found that died from the Commonwealth countries whilst serving in Malaysia post world War 2. This covers the countries time when it was known as Malaya and the following periods The Emergency 1948-1960, The Peninsular 1964-1966 and The Confrontation 1963-1966, the latter including Borneo.

Database contains 1,638 records - 22 September, 2023

Paras mount a roadside checkpoint

H.M.T. Empire Orwell (above) was a troop transport
betweem Malaya and the United Kingdom

Naval & Military Press

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After World War 2 had finished events occured in Malaya that led up to its Independence. Chinese troops had been trained and equipped during World War 2 to act as resistance to the Japanese. After the war the Chinese felt that they had been given a raw deal and the troops original trained by the British turned on them. This led up to the Independence and carried on afterwards with several other groups. Commonwealth Troops involved included British, Malayan, Australian and New Zealand (including the Malayan Police). This database is hopefully a compendium of the information so far found about these men. The database may not be entirely accurate so please let us know of any discrepancies; the newspaper information is not always accurate but is as reported. Some information may be shown with 'or' in the middle as there may be more than one option here that has not been finalised. Much information has been extracted from National and Local Newspapers to build this database. Much of the information has been checked against the Ministry of Defences - Veterans UK database. Some information may not be correct and there are some records for men that the details appear in various sources but probably did not actually die.

There is footage held in the British Pathe Film Library dealing with the Malayan Emergency. This will open in a separate window.

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