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About Medical Staff Who Died During Conflict
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This database has been provided so that information relating to medical staff (male or female) who died in conflict can be collected in one database. The criteria for entries is that the person should be a Doctor, Nurse or some other medical person. Those from the Army Medical Corps, St John's Ambulance, the V.A.D. and other groups should be entered. If we do not have the title relevant to the person or the conflict listed then use Unknown or one of the other 'Other' status - you will then be contacted so the entry can be added.

The database is also searchable and you can add to the information you have added at a later date - please supply your own password to allow you re-access. Please search the database prior to making an entry. If you find the person that you are looking for but believe the information to be incorrect then please do not make a second entry for the same person - use the email address provided to contact the original submitter.

Note: The searchable database comprises entries that have been submitted and have been authenticated. Once an item has been transferred to the main database it is no longer editable.

1,784 validated entries - 8 March, 2017

Search Medical Staff Who Died During Conflict

Add Records To Medical Staff Who Died During Conflict
Enter the details relevant to one person. Ensure you add your own password so that you can add information to this record at a later date.

Please use CAPITAL letters for the Surname
Enter the initials if no name is known and separate each with a space, do not use fullstops (.)
Select an item from the drop down menu - use 'Unknown' if the entry is not present on the list we will contact you.
Hospital or Area:
The name of the hospital or camp relevant to the place of death
Town or City at Death:
The town or city or battle area they died in including the country
Date of Death:
The date should be entered as dd mmm yyyy where dd is the day e.g. 04 mmm is the month as three characters e.g. Sep and the year is 4 numerics e.g. 1855 if the day is not known then fill in the month and year (mmm yyyy) or if only the year then fill in the year (yyyy)
Cause of Death:
Enter details of the cause of death e.g. killed in action, died of wounds, died of disease - yellow fever.
Date of Birth:
Enter the date of birth if known in the same format as the date of death
Place of Birth:
Enter the town, village, city, county, state, country as relevant to the United Kingdom i.e. if outside UK include the country
Enter the conflict they were engaged within
Age at Death:
Enter their age in years only at time of their death
Place of residence:
Enter their normal place of residence at the time of their death including details in the same manner as place of birth above.
Family details:
Enter details of parents, siblings, wives, children and their whereabouts at the time.
URL of War Memorial 1: Enter any relevant web pages which commorate their death
URL of War Memorial 2:
Enter any awards they may have recieved e.g. OBE, KBE, MC
URL of photograph 1: Enter links to any relevant photograph of the person
URL of photograph 2:
Red Cross/Army/Nursing Unit:
If they belonged to a specific unit then enter the details here plus any relevant serial number (i.e. army number)
Other details:
Enter any other details such as profession, education details.
Enter any comments about the person that may be relevant in ascertaining further information or in clarification of any information previously entered.
Additional Information:
Enter any information that may be relevant to this entry such as details of the ship they went down on, events surrounding their death.
Burial/Commemorative Details:
Enter details of their grave site or memorial where they are commemorated.
Unused 1: For later use
Unused 2: For later use
Unused 3: For later use
Your email:
Enter your email address so that you can be contacted about this entry.
Enter a password relevant to you of 6 characters or more of mixed alpha and numerics to allow you access to edit/delete this item at a later date.

Edit/Delete Your Entries
To access records that you previously entered please enter your password (6 or more alpha numerics), and relevant search terms to find the record you are looking for.

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