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World War 1- Roll of Honour with detailed information
Compiled and copyright © Transcribed David Hughes and Neil Clark 2004

The school possesses a beautiful book of remembrance that contains the handwritten names of all the former students who were killed during the Great War (and all subsequent conflicts). There is also a formal civic war memorial within the school grounds that commemorates the schools war dead. (The names listed here have been sorted into alphabetical order for eas of access).
Photographs Copyright © David Hughes & Neil Clark 2004

Book of Remembrance and War Memorial
The Great War 1914 1918


Edward Stainton

Attended school 24th January 1905 to July 1905. Lance Corporal G/902, 6th Battalion, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment). Died Friday 8th October 1915 aged 22 years. Born Chelsea, London on 6th May 1893. Enlisted Maidstone, Kent. Resided East Farleigh, Kent.


Bernard Eyre

Attended school 3rd May 1906 to July 1908. Private 10/275, A Company (West Coast), Wellington Infantry Regiment. New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Died Gallipoli, Turkey 29th April 1915. born on 2nd July 1893 at Hagg Hill Farm, Hinton, Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire. (brother)


Harold Kirby

Attended school from 14th April 1911. Private 49142, 7th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment. Died Wednesday 24th April 1918 aged 19 years. Born 3rd March 1899.


Ralph Henry

Northumberland Fusiliers. Private 67218, 2/2nd Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Formerly (18332) 29th T. R Battalion. Died Sunday 15th September 1918 aged 20 years. Born Ledbury. Enlisted Ramsgate, Kent. Resided Ashford.


Harley Knollys

Attended school from 22nd February 1900 to Midsummer 1904. Second Lieutenant, “B” Battery, 166th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery (RFA). Formerly Private (552), “A” Battery, Honourable Artillery Company (H.A.C). Formerly Dover College Officer Training Corps (O.T.C). Died Wednesday 26th July 1916. Born 16th January 1892. Resided 16, Moore Street, Cadogan Square, London.


Reginald Gordon Snell

Attended school from 6th September 1898 to May 1899. Major, 6th Battalion (Glamorgan Territorial’s), Welsh Regiment. Died Saturday 2nd October 1915. Born 26th October 1886.


Joseph Mannington

Attended school from 18th September 1893 to Easter 1894. Corporal 130293, Royal Garrison Artillery (R.G.A). Died of Pneumonia 15th July 1918. Born Northiam, Sussex. Enlisted Canterbury. Resided Faversham.


Howard Ambrose

Attended school from 17th January 1913 to December 1916. Private 9814, “D” Company, 2nd Battalion, Honourable Artillery Company (H.A.C.). Died Italy Thursday 25th July 1918. Born 9th October 1898 at Littlestone, Kent. Enlisted Canterbury. Resided “Thirlmere”, Littlestone, Kent.



Attended school from 16th September 1910. Private G/66738, 6th Battalion, Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). Formerly (26321) The Buffs (East Kent Regiment). Died Friday 23rd August 1918 aged 18 years. Born Great Chart, Ashford, Kent. Enlisted Canterbury. Resided Great Chart.


Richard Burt

Attended school from 30th August 1895 to 9th November 1909. Private G/2085, 6th Battalion, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment). Formerly 5th Battalion. Died Thursday 9th August 1917 aged 22 years. Born Ashford 30th August 1895. Enlisted Neath, Glamorgan. Residence Swansea, Wales.



Attended school from 17th January 1908 to Christmas 1912. This man is listed as belonging to the London Regiment (London Scottish). We can find no man of this name in this unit.



Attended school from 17th January 1908 to Christmas 1912. London Regiment (London Scottish). Military Medal (M.M.). Once more, I can find no record of this man with this unit.


Arthur Harold

Attended school from 22nd January 1895 to Midsummer 1899. Private 784937, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regiment). Died Tuesday 30th October 1917 aged 36 years. Born 8th December 1881.


Charles Stirling Walter

Attended school from 3rd May 1904 to July 1905. Lieutenant, 2nd Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment. Formerly Officer Training Corps (O.T.C) St Lawrence College, Ramsgate. Died Sunday 9th May 1915 aged 23 years. Born Kennington, Ashford on 22nd July 1892.


Harry Sydney Hopton Hadley

Attended school from 29th September 1904 to Midsummer 1906. Captain, 3rd Battalion, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment). Formerly of the British North Borneo Civil Service. Died Calcutta, India of influenza Thursday 24th October 1918 aged 36 years. Born 25th January 1881.


Thomas Edward

Attended school from 16th September 1908. Deck Hand DA/13100, Her Majesty’s Mine Layer (H.M.M.L.) 522, Royal Naval Reserve (R.N.R). Formerly (1651) Territorial Force (Army). Died Wednesday 8th May 1918 aged 24 years. Born Chartham near Canterbury 21st October 1893.


John Austin

Attended the school from 22nd September 1905 to July 1912. Second Lieutenant, 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers). Formerly Lance Cororal (1827) (270152) Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles (R.E.K.M.R). Died of pneumonia and influenza at the Delhi Military Hospital, Tidworth, Surrey Saturday 2nd November 1918 aged 25 years. Born 7th April 1893.


George Harrison

Attended school from 6th May 1889 to Easter 1890. Lance Corporal 81646, 22nd Battalion, The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment). Formerly (58752) 10th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers. Died Saturday 2nd November 1918 aged 41 years. Born Ashford on the 26th July 1877. Enlisted London. Resided Ashford.


Herbert Bright

Attended school from 8th May 1905. Second Lieutenant, 20th Battalion, Welsh Regiment. Attached 100th Company, Machine Gun Corps (MGC) (Inf). Formerly a Trooper in the Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles (R.E.K.M.R.). Formerly Lance Corporal, O. T. C Sherborne School. Died Wednesday 19th July 1916 aged 21 years. Born 6th December 1884.


Henry [Harry]

Attended school from 8th May 1890 to July 1896. Born 21st February 1880. Son of W Igglesden of 11, North Street, Ashford, Kent. No Trace


Alfred Leslie

Attended school from 19th June 1888 to Christmas 1892. Bombardier L/31913, 179th (Deptford) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery (RFA). Died Cancer of the stomach 19th June 1917 aged 40 years at 42, High Street, Ashford.

Alfred’s death is not recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


[Samuel] Lancelot [Richard Alexander Edgar]

Attended school from 22nd January 1900 to Christmas 1901. Second Lieutenant, 8th Battalion, (Post Office Rifles). London Regiment. Formerly Private (2335) 9th Battalion, (Artists Rifles), London Regiment. Died 15th September 1916 aged 32 years


Alfred (or Arthur) Robert

Attended school 1901 to July 1905. Sub Lieutenant, Hawke Battalion, Royal Naval Division, Royal Navy (RN). Died Monday 13th November 1916 aged 27 years at Grandcourt, France. Born 1889.


Albert Sidney Hayden

Attended school from 18th January 1907 to May 1909. Private TR/128538, 102nd Training Reserve Battalion, Middlesex Regiment. 23rd Reserve Brigade. Aldershot. Died 20th September 1918 aged 19 years of Pulmonary Tuberculosis (T. B). Born 11th July 1899. Resided 19, Barrow Hill Road, St John’s, London.

Albert’s death is not recorded as a war casualty by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. This is because he was not actually in the army when he died.

Death Certificate reference West Ashford/CH16/260.


Henry Cyril (Cecil)

Attended school from 22nd September 1899 to Midsummer 1904. Private G/18997, 11th Battalion, Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). Formerly Royal Engineers (R.E.). Died Sunday 27th October 1918. Born 30th December 1886. Enlisted Canterbury. Resided Ashford.


Edgar Douglas

[Listed as D E in Book] Attended school from 21st September 1906 to Easter 1913. Private 1391, 1/1st (Waldershare Troop), Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles (Yeomanry) (R.E.K.M.R.). Died 22nd May 1915 aged 19 years. Born 7th June 1895 at South Kensington, London. Enlisted Broad Oak. Resided Kennington.


Hubert John

Attended school from 22nd June 1895 to Midsummer 1897. Private 26232, 5th Battalion, Grenadier Guards. Died 19th June 1918.


Herbert Percy

Attended school from 21st October 1901. Born 2nd September 1899. Son of Edith Pledge of Hunter Road, Willesborough, Ashford, Kent. ** No Trace **


Edward George

Attended School 1900 to 1903. Lance Corporal 36109, 63rd Company, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). Formerly (9409) The Buffs (East Kent Regiment). Died Thursday 21st March 1918. Born Willesborough 15th January 1886. Enlisted Ashford.


Frederick William

Attended School 16th June 1906 to April 1912. Captain, 10th Battalion, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment). Died Monday 1st October 1917 whilst a prisoner of war. Born 5th September 1895.



Attended school from 20th September 1907 to 1912. Rifleman 394606, 9th Battalion (Queen Victoria’s Rifles), London Regiment. Died 27th September 1917. Born Ashford, Kent. Enlisted London. Resided Corringham.


Frederick Cecil

Attended school 19th January 1912. Private G/97001, “C” Company, 2nd Battalion, Middlesex Regiment. Reported missing Monday 27th May 1918. Born 4th August 1899 at Seacombe, Cheshire. Enlisted Canterbury. Resided Ashford, Kent.


Ralph Phoebus

Attended school 16th September 1908 to Christmas 1908. Airman 1st Class 43670, 9th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps (R.F.C.). Died Friday 12th October 1917 aged 20 years. Born 30th June 1897.


John Alfred

Attended school from 6th May 1910 to Midsummer 1911 (Brother of Percy below). Private T/1746, 5th Battalion, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment). Died Friday 7th January 1916. Born Newchurch, Kent on 8th March 1897. Enlisted Ashford. Resided Kennington.


Percy Arthur

Attended school from 24th April 1909 (Brother of John above). Private 2192, Royal East Kent Yeomanry (Duke of Connaught’s Own Mounted Rifles). Died Gallipoli Wednesday 8th December 1915. Born Blackmanstone 4th August 1895. Enlisted Herne, London.


Edward (Eddie) John

Attended School from 16th September 1904 to July 1906. Rifleman 68, “H” Company, 5th Battalion, London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade). Died Tuesday 8th December 1914 aged 23 years. Born Ashford.


Harry (Henry) Richard

Attended school from 2nd May 1913. Air Mechanic 2nd Class F/6276, H.M.S. “President II”, Royal Naval Air Service (R.N.A.S). Died Saturday 21st July 1917 aged 18 years. Born 2nd March 1899.

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