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Cambridgeshire Times, 15th Feb, 1935 - Fulbourn - Newspaper Cuttings

"Dead" Soldier Returns - Surprise for Fulbourn Wife

Mourned as dead since 1919, Mr William Edwards has returned to his wife and home at Fulbourn. As a soldier in the Army Ordnance Corps, he was reported missing in India after the Armistice. Mrs. Edwards received his medals and was awarded a pension of 28s 6d a week. She is 70 years of age and her husband is 56.

"He went away in 1916 to India," she said "I had heard nothing from him since he was reported missing until he was brought home from Cambridge by his sister on Friday night.

"There was a knock at the door, I opened it. His sister said, 'Here's brother Billy, Edie,' and I saw my husband. His unannounced return was a great shock. He tells me that he has suffered from loss of memory, and he cannot remember very much now. When he tries to remember his head hurts him."

Mr George Edwards said his brother had stated that he was in hospital for a year, and he could not remember at that time who he was. He had been working in India, and he paid 40 with his savings for his passage home.

Mr William Edwards found his way from the docks to his brother's house at Cambridge, and was taken from there to his wife. A general labourer before the war, he was employed at Woolwich Arsenal early in the war, and then joined the Army Ordnance Corps.

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