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King Peter of Yugoslavia - Summer 1942

Dear Martin,

I came across your website whilst desperately searching for any info regarding the attached photo. On my last visit to England, my father showed me a very damaged photo of himself guarding King Peter. It appeared in a local newspaper, but my father never saw it - he was given the photo much later on by another soldier also serving in the Beds & Herts Regiment (now disbanded). I have been trying ever since to obtain copies of the newspaper and photo, together with any other photos which may have taken on this particular day. My father is almost 80 and although his memory is no longer sharp, he is adamant that the photo was taken in Great Gransden. I have managed to find out that King Peter was definitely in the area in the first half of June and again at the end of July and first half of August 1942.

The church gate in your photo looks remarkably like the one in mine, so I am hoping that you will be able to help me in some way, or at least point me in the right direction! If you know of any local historians, I would be grateful.

Thanks and regards,

Brenda Dean

P.S. My father John is the young soldier standing on the far right.

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Update: Since contacting you several months ago, I have made a little progress. Is it possible to change the date? After checking my father's army service book, I noticed a mistake in his postings. This means that the photo was most probably taken between August 1941 and August 1942. As there is camouflage netting and no leaves on the trees, it almost certainly rules out the summer months.

A local historian, Mr Derek Daniels, is confident that it was taken outside the church in Gransden. With the help of others, he has managed to pick out several of the villagers
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