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World War 2 - Detailed information compiled by Eric Webb & Chris Wheeler 2008-2009
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Old Carthusians, former Charterhouse staff and others who died in the war, or in the immediate post-war period, but whose names are not recorded in Memorial Chapel. Except where indicated, all are recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, either as military casualties or as Civilian War Dead.

BOXSHALL Stuart Osmond Joseph
[Not an OC.] Sergeant RAFVR. Son of Osmond William Boxshall and Doris Ivy Boxshall of Margate, Kent. He worked in the Science Labs at Charterhouse from September 1939 to March 1942. He joined the RAFVR and served as a navigator with 12 Squadron. He was killed on 2.12.43, aged 20, in the loss of Lancaster JB478 (PH-C) at Bernau during a raid on Berlin. He is buried in the Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, grave 5.J.34. The other crew members are buried in graves 5.J.29-35. Sgt Boxshall is commemorated on the war memorial in the grounds of Guildford Castle.
BURNIE Arthur Inglis
Born 7.11.1894, 3rd son of Capt Edward A. Burnie and Mrs Burnie, husband of Catherine Padon Burnie née Bowman of Kowloon, Hong Kong. He was at Charterhouse [G] 1908 - 1913. In the Great War, he was commissioned in October 1914 and gained his Aviator's Certificate in May 1915. He served with 8th Battalion The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) and with the Royal Flying Corps, later becoming a prisoner of war. Between the wars he was a marine insurance agent in the Far East. From 1942 to 1945 he was a civilian prisoner in Stanley Internment Camp, Hong Kong. He died in Edinburgh on 11.3.47, aged 52, of illness contracted during his internment. [Listed by CWGC as Civilian War Dead. Place of burial unknown.]
COBB Frederic [sic]
Born 3.11.1885, 3rd son of Charles Davison Cobb and Clara Elizabeth Cobb née Marriott of Thursley, Surrey, husband of Nuachavee Duepavalaya of Songkah, Thailand. He was at Charterhouse [G] 1900 - 1903 and became a schoolmaster, teaching at Oundle and in Malaya, where he became a Senior Educational Officer. In the Great War he served in the Artists' Rifles and later in the 1st City of London Regiment. In 1939-40 he was headmaster of English College, Johor Bahru, and later worked in the censor's office in Singapore. He was presumed drowned on or about 12.2.1942, aged 56, through enemy action off Malaya. [Listed by CWGC as Civilian War Dead; first name spelt Frederick there and elsewhere.]
CRUSOE Richard Henry Frederick
Born 10.4.1866, 1st son of George Crusoe and Lucy Ann Crusoe of Blackheath, husband of Edith Crusoe née Holden of Thames Ditton. He was at Charterhouse [W] 1880 - 1881 and became a merchant banker. He was killed at home by a flying bomb on 23.8.1944, aged 78. Mrs Crusoe, aged 70, was injured at the same time and died ten days later in hospital. [Both listed by CWGC as Civilian War Dead. Place of burial unknown.]
DAVIES Reginald Spencer
Born 18.2.1910, 2nd son of Albert Orlando Davies and Kate Davies née Bidwell. He was at Charterhouse [V] 1923 - 1928 and became a barrister. Early in the war he served in the Honourable Artillery Company, and was later engaged on legal work in Rome. He was killed on 25.9.46, aged 36, while on his way to attend war crimes trials in Singapore, when Dakota KN414 crashed just after take-off from Hong Kong. He is presumed to be buried in Hong Kong. [Listed by CWGC as S.Davies under Civilian War Dead; date of death given as 29.9.46.][Cf. C.H.D.Wild]
FISCHER Hans-David
Flak-Oberleutnant, Wehrmacht. Born 17.8.1915 in Berlin, son of a senior civil servant in pre-Hitler Germany, husband of Friedel Fischer of Ratingen near Düsseldorf. He was at Charterhouse [W] for the summer term of 1932. He joined the Wehrmacht and served with No.4 anti-aircraft battery of Reserve-Flak-Abteilung 435. He was killed on 29.4.45, aged 29, in an encounter with the Red Army 45 miles north of Berlin. He is buried in the churchyard of Buchholz, Kreis Gransee, Brandenburg. Wachtmeister Josef Deserno and five further comrades killed on the same day are buried in or near the churchyard, now the garden of a private house. [Listed in German records.]
HODGSON Henry Paul Egerton
[Not an OC.] Captain, Royal Engineers. Born early 1912, son of Colonel Philip Egerton Hodgson DSO (Charterhouse Bursar 1931-45), and Dorothy Mary Houssemayne Hodgson née Du Boulay. Serving with 4 Div Engineers, he was killed in action in Belgium on 31.5.40, aged 28. He is buried in De Panne communal cemetery, grave 1.A.33. [Cf. Gordon Egerton Hodgson in main text.]
HUGHES John Derek
Flight Lieutenant, RAF. Born 15.3.1924, 1st son of Eric Yorath Hughes and Dulcie Wilhelmina Maine Hughes née Tucker of Hove, Sussex. He was at Charterhouse [V] 1937 - 1940. He joined the RAF in 1942 and served as a navigator with 242 Squadron. He was killed on 1.7.47, aged 23, when Avro York MW224 struck the ground during a 'go-around' manoeuvre on three engines at RAF Oakington, Cambs. He is commemorated at Cambridge Crematorium, column 1. The other four crew members also died.
HULTON Frederick Courtenay Longuet
Colonel (retd), CB. Born 14.4.1864, 8th son of Revd Campbell Bassett Arthur Grey Hulton and Sarah Stokes Hulton née Fletcher, husband of Ella Rosa Mary Hulton née Bevis of Kensington, London. He was at Charterhouse [g] 1879 - 1881. He joined the 1st (King's) Dragoon Guards in 1886 and commanded the regiment from 1910 to 1914. In the Great War he served on the Staff, was four times mentioned in despatches, and was awarded the Chinese Order of Wen-Hu. He died of pneumonia in France on 25.12.1940, aged 76, in Besançon Internment Camp. He was buried in Besançon cemetery, but this may not be his final resting-place. [Listed by CWGC as Civilian War Dead, where age shown as 71.]
INCE Richard Hartley
Lieutenant (A) RNVR. Born 24.4.1902, only son of James Howard Ince and Rose Emmeline Ince née Hartley, husband of Mary Ince née Innes of Maida Vale, London. He was at Charterhouse [G] 1916 - 1919, and became a stockbroker. He flew his own aircraft in the King's Cup race of 1930. He joined the Fleet Air Arm and served at HMS Daedalus. He died in Surrey on 10.8.41, aged 39. He is buried in West Norwood Cemetery, London, section 124 grave 24684. His obituaries in the 'Times' and the 'Carthusian' magazine do not mention his RNVR service, though his headstone does.
LANG Cyril Oscar Hugh
Born 10.10.1902, only son of Oscar Lang and Bettina Lang of Torquay, Devon. He was at Charterhouse [L] 1916 - 1921. After Cambridge he was in business in London, New York and Morocco. He died at sea on or about 25.3.41, aged 38, in the sinking of SS Britannia, torpedoed in the Atlantic by the German commerce raider Thor. [Listed by CWGC as Civilian War Dead.]
Home Guard. Born 27.12.1920, 2nd son of Erik Larsen and Astrid Larsen of Scrubb House, Wisborough Green, Sussex, and Hampstead, London. He was at Charterhouse [R] 1934 - 1939, and returned for one term as a PT instructor before joining an insurance company. He was killed on 8.3.41, aged 20, when the Café de Paris in Coventry Street, London, was struck by a bomb. He is commemorated on a roll of honour from St Peter's School, Seaford, now housed in Seaford Museum. Also named on the board are R.S.W.Darvell, R.M.Pollock and R.G.L.Saunders (qq.v. in main text). [Listed by CWGC as Civilian War Dead. Place of burial unknown.]
MACGOWAN George Thomas Clive
Flying Officer ATC and ARP Warden. Born 31.12.1897, son of Major George Lionel Macgowan and Anita (Annie) Neilson Macgowan, husband of Mary Olive Macgowan of Epsom, Surrey. He was at Charterhouse [W] 1912 -1914 and became an engineer. He was killed at home on 3.7.44, aged 46, as the result of enemy action. He is buried in Epsom Cemetery, grave O.514. [Listed by CWGC as Civilian War Dead.]
MITCHELL Harold George
[Not an OC.] Flight Sergeant RAFVR. Born autumn 1909, son of George Alfred Pearson Mitchell and Lydia Mitchell of Godalming, Surrey. He worked in the Science Labs at Charterhouse from January 1924 to May 1936. He joined the RAFVR and served as a wireless operator/air gunner with 97 Squadron, Path Finder Force. He was killed on 23.9.43, aged 33, when Lancaster ED868 (OF-A) crashed at Ruchheim near Ludwigshafen during a raid to Mannheim. He is buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery, grave 8.C.19. The other crew members are buried in graves 8.C.16-22.
ORTON William Hunt
Born 29.4.1878, 1st son of George Hunt Orton FRCS and Mary Parker Orton, husband of Dorothy Beatrice Orton née Wright of Brondesbury, London. He was at Charterhouse [R,g] 1892 - 1897 and became a doctor. In the Great War he served in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He died at home on 15.8.44, aged 66, as the result of enemy action. [Listed by CWGC as Civilian War Dead. Place of burial unknown.]
PARRY Henry Anthony Mervyn
Born 6.10.1886, 2nd son of Edward Hagarty Parry (OC) and Amélie Marthe Parry née Piquet, husband of Dorothy Armstrong Parry née Stokes. He was at Charterhouse [G] 1900 - 1903 and became a rubber planter in Malaya. In the Great War he served in the 6th Bn South Lancashire Regiment. He died on 7.6.43, aged 56, in Changi Camp, Singapore. Mrs Parry was lost at sea on 14.2.42, aged 49, in the sinking of SS Kuala. [Both listed by CWGC as Civilian War Dead.]
RIVETT Louis Rowan
Friends' Ambulance Unit. Born 10.2.1917, only son of Louis Carnac Rivett FRCS and Mary Frederika Rivett née Rowan. He was at Charterhouse [L] 1931 - 1935. During the war he served with the Friends' Ambulance Unit in the Hadfield Spears Hospital. Afterwards he went to China with the FAU to carry out relief work. He died in Chungking of poliomyelitis on 31.8.46, aged 29. [Not listed by CWGC. Place of burial unknown.]
SHARP John Patrick Lewen [sic]
DFC. Navigating Officer, Lancashire Aircraft Corporation Ltd. Born 18.12.1922, 2nd son of Everard William Lewen Sharp and Amy Lilian Sharp née Ashley-Cooper of Brancaster, Norfolk. He was at Charterhouse [G] 1936 - 1941. During the war he joined the RAFVR and served as a navigator in 178 Squadron; his DFC was gazetted in February 1945. He was killed on 21.3.49, aged 26, in the crash of Halifax C-8 G-AJZZ near RAF Schleswigland, Germany, during the Berlin Airlift. Two other crew members were also killed. He is commemorated on his brother's headstone in St Margaret’s church cemetery, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, and also on the war memorial at St Mary the Virgin church, Brancaster (cf. A.D.H.Hawley). His brother Sgt J.A.E.Sharp RAF (q.v.) was killed in a flying accident in Northumberland in March 1942. [John Sharp, not listed by CWGC as his death came after the official terminus of 31.12.1947, is mis-identified in some sources as James Patrick Lewin [sic] Sharp.]
SPENCER Charles Richard
Captain, RM. Born 21.6.1903, 2nd son of Charles St David Spencer and Anna Isabella Spencer of Llandough near Cardiff and Hailsham, Sussex. He became a schoolmaster and taught at Charterhouse for six months in 1934-35. He also taught at Stowe, at Bryanston and in the USA. He was commissioned into the Royal Marines in December 1939 and trained with 2nd Battalion, 2nd [later 102nd] Royal Marine Brigade. He later served with Mobile Naval Base Defence Organisation No.2 in the Portsmouth area. He died on active service on 29.9.41, aged 38. He is buried in Haslar Royal Naval Cemetery, Gosport, Hants, grave G.9.16.
WILD Cyril Hew Dalrymple
Colonel, MBE. Born 10.4.1908, 3rd son of the Rt Revd Herbert Louis Wild (OC) and Helen Christian Wild née Severn, husband of Celia Mary Wild née Waterhouse of Pitt, Hants. He was at Charterhouse [R] 1921 - 1927. He joined the 4th (Territorial) Battalion, Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry, in 1929. After Oxford he worked for the Asiatic Petroleum Company in Japan. From November 1940 he served on the staff of 3rd Indian Corps in Malaya and was twice mentioned in despatches. He had the task of carrying the white flag at the surrender of Singapore. In captivity he worked tirelessly to improve the lot of his fellow-prisoners, for which he was later awarded the MBE. After the war he was closely involved in bringing Japanese war criminals to justice. He was killed on 25.9.46, aged 38, while on his way to attend war crimes trials in Singapore, when Dakota KN414 crashed just after take-off from Hong Kong. He is buried in Hong Kong Cemetery, grave 17.11.8 (also listed as section 17A, grave 10318). In adjacent graves are buried a number of the other 13 passengers and five crew killed in the crash. For some 35 years the Union Flag also carried at the surrender of Singapore, and kept hidden by Colonel Wild through the years of captivity, was displayed in Charterhouse Chapel. [Cf. R.S.Davies.]
YULE George Franklin
Lieutenant-Colonel, OBE. Born 24.4.1913, 1st son of Lt-Col Robert Abercrombie Yule and Maud Elizabeth Yule of Ealing, London. He was at Charterhouse [R] 1927 - 1931 and went on to RMC Sandhurst, joining the Royal Armoured Corps in 1933. He served with the Royal Tank Regiment, was twice mentioned in despatches, and in 1944 was awarded the OBE. He died in Germany on 6.2.47, aged 33. He is buried in Munster Heath War Cemetery, grave 3.E.6. His brother was Lt-Col J. de D. (Jimmy) Yule of Colditz fame. Both are commemorated in Gullane parish churchyard, East Lothian, Scotland.

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