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Author: Daniel Allen Butler

Publisher: Casemate

Published: June 2010
Type: Hardback
ISBN: 978 1 935149 27 9,
Price: £20.00
256 pages

A hard-hitting analysis examining the extent of Germany’s accountability for WWI

The Burden of Guilt: How Germany
Shattered the Last Days of Peace,
Summer 1914

“... when one nation, placed in a position of superiority, confuses its responsibility to lead by example with permission to dominate through coercion, tragedy will inescapably follow.”

Who was truly responsible for the Great War that tore Europe apart from 1914 to 1918? For decades we have been led to believe that all the leading European powers equally regarded the war as a necessary evil. In the aftermath of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, tensions within Europe escalated and war appeared to be an inevitable climax. But have modern commentators been too lenient on Germany, too eager to divide the blame? Did the war have to happen at all?

The Burden of Guilt sets out to change the field of First World War history forever. Critically-acclaimed author Daniel Allen Butler boldly puts forward the argument that Germany was the only country that actively welcomed the war. From the point of view of the others, it was grudgingly accepted as something that could resolve the current tensions in Europe, if and when it came down to it, but would be a last resort. He reveals that Germany alone had the power and the opportunities to spark off the war that would become one of the most violent and wide-reaching conflicts of the 20th Century, and made three separate, conscious decisions to do so.

Combining analysis of the events of 1914 with portraits of the key decision-makers of the escalating crisis, Butler makes use of a large number of memoirs and personal documents in addition to government archives and records to deliver a detailed and challenging work.


Daniel Allen Butler is an author, playwright and historian from the U.S.A. He spent eight years in the military (six of those years in Intelligence) and has written eight books, including the critically-acclaimed "Unsinkable"—the Full Story of RMS Titanic.

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