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Frederick Edmund Granville Southwell

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Included here are some entries in THE RIPONIAN (school magazine)

Dec 1911

Mr. Morgan left us at the end of last term, and was the recipient of a handsome marble clock from the boys~~
His place has been taken by Mr. Southwell, of St. Cath's. College Cambridge, to whom we extend a hearty welcome. As a chess" blue," and one who has in addition represented his college at every game of the outdoor variety, he has naturally proved a great acquisition to the School football and we can safely anticipate equal prowess from him on the hockey field next term.

Ripon, 1 goal, 1 try; Harrogate Old Boys;, nil. Mr. Southwell restarted for the School, and kicked the ball dead. The School three-quarters then made a spirited attack, and the ball passed through the hands of Mr. Dunwell, Trevor, and Flesher, the last-named being brought down within a few feet of the line. Mr. Southwell then picked up in the loose and scored. The major points were also added. Harrogate then had a spell of attacking,. and Jameson tackled well. The School three-quarters made several bursts individually, but the combination was not good. The forwards again carried the ball off, and Mr. Southwell scored a brilliant try, swerving and handing off finely. The goal kick just missed the mark.

The School pressed again, and forced Harrogate to touch down. Gill was next prominent with a good run, and the ball went to Pickard, Trevor, and Mr. Dunwell in turn"but the movement ended in nothing. Mr. Southwell got off again, and passed to Trevor, who ran hard and just scored, being finely tackled
at the moment. The goal kick was unsuccessful. No further scoring took place, and the School won a well-merited victory by 2 goals 3 tries to nil.

Dec 1912

We are pleased to note the continued successes of Riponians in the Hockey world.
B. S. Bland is playing regularly for Yorkshire 1st Eleven this season, and Mr. Southwell has also played both in the 2nd and 1st teams.

Mr. Southwell made his debut by giving an amusing reading from Mark Twain's "Yankee at the Court of King Arthur," and responded to the enthusiastic encore by telling a Scottish yarn in irresistible style.

Left: Hockey (1912)
Above: Cricket (1913)
Right: Rugby (1913)

July 1914

We note with regret the departure of Mr. F. E. G. Southwell and Mr. G. W. Fisher from the staff. Mr. Fisher had been with us little more than a Term, and he had the sympathy of all in the serious illness which has for,the present incapacitated him for work. May he soon be well again. Mr. Southwell has been a great supporter of the games and will be much missed in all departments of school life. Our heartiest wishes for his future success at Hymer's College go with him. We must add a personal note as regards our periodical, whose dull pages he has helped so much to brighten with his pithy poems, and his many contributions to the " Slips " column.


We have decided to publish only new additions and J alterations of rank or unit. as our list of O.R's serving with the colours is getting large, and take up 'too lunch space.

A former member of the Staff: Southwell, F. E. G., 2nd Lieut. 4th E. Yorks.

July 1917


Southwell, F. E. G., 2nd-Lieut. 4th East Yorks.
(Late Classical Master at Ripon School, 1910-1914).

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