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This database contains details of the men who served in the Bedfordshire Yeomanry and died during the First World War. Links to any war memorials in the United Kingdom that these men are known to exist on are also provided plus photographs of either the men of their graves.

Database contains 66 records - 24th December 2002


Bedfordshire Yeomanry founded as a volunteer cavalry unit in 1794, disbanded in 1827, refounded as the Duke of Manchester's Light Horse Volunteers in 1859, disbanded c.1882; then re-founded as Compton's Horse in 1899, served in South Africa, also known as the Bedfordshire Lancers and the Bedfordshire Dragoons, became Bedfordshire Imperial Yeomanry in 1920, and converted to artillery in 1920. The unit was only connected to yeoman farmers to the extent that many of them joined its ranks.

Beds Yeomanry Memorial Poziers
Commemorated or Buried:

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Short History


August 1914 : in Bedford. Part of the Eastern Mounted Brigade.

June 1915 : moved to France.

12 June 1915: attached to 9th Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division

March 1918 : left Brigade, became a Cyclist unit, then a machine-gun battalion with the Essex Yeomanry. Remounted, and returned briefly to 1st Cavalry Division. Split up, one squadron going to each of the 8th,15th and 19th Hussars.


Formed September 1914, and remained in UK throughout the war.

October 1915 : attached to 61st (South Midland) Division

February 1916 : left Division

June 1916 : attached to 16th Mounted Brigade, 4th Mounted Division. For a period late 1916-March 1917, the Squadrons were split and attached to other units (A to 57th Division; B to 66th; C to 68th).

March 1917 : attached to 1st Mounted Division (C Squadron attached to 71st Division)

July 1917 : absorbed into 1st Reserve Cavalry Regiment


Formed in 1915. Remained in United Kingdom until July 1917, when absorbed into 1st Reserve Cavalry Regiment.

This database was compiled by Martin Edwards. It is currently being updated regularly.

Entries are taken from the 'Soldiers Died in the Great War' CD and from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Additional information has then been drawn from other reference documents, for example, National Roll of the Great War and de Ruvigny's.

Links are provided to the war memorials that exist on-line for these men wherever pertinent and any photographs also linked. Hopefully this will provide a comprehensive set of information.

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