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This database contains details of British casualties from those who served in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 from Britain. The list of names and the details included with them have been primarily extracted from the Bill Alexander book, "British Volunteers for Liberty Spain, 1936-1939", ISBN 85315 564 X. Additional information has been drawn from exisiting memorials and newspaper articles of the time, including The Times. This information has also been corrolated against the Internal Brigades website Roll of Honour compiled by Jim Carmody and Richard Baxell. There may be some differences between their information and that found here.

Database contains 540 records -
5 September, 2020

Year of Death:
Place of Death:

Note extracted from the Bill Alexander book, "British Volunteers for Liberty Spain, 1936-1939", ISBN 85315 564 X.

Roll of Honour

Note: the Roll of Honour contains five hundred and twenty-six names of volunteers who died in Spain between August 1936 and January 1939, or, in a few cases, who died of wounds shortly after evacuation. The information has been collected from the files of the Dependants' Aid Committee, supplemented and checked with the list given in Bill Rust's Britons in Spain (1939), and the very incomplete records sent back by the Republican Ministry of Defence. The list has been scrutinized by several volunteers, but there are still gaps in some details inevitable in the prevailing conditions of recruitment, fighting and documentation. The places given in the centre column are those in the Dependants' Aid Committee records and represent birthplace, workplace or place of departure for Spain.

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