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World War 2 - Roll of Honour with detailed information
Compiled and copyright © 2004 Transcribed Carolynn Langley, Researched Martin Edwards

Inside Westham crematorium Weymouth, Dorset, is a bronze plaque.

1939 + 1945


Photographs copyright © 2004 - Carloynn Langley
ALLEN John Frederick Woodward

42327, Pilot Officer (Pilot), 152 Squadron, Royal Air Force. Died 29 November 1940. Age 19. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

BEAUFOY Michael Henry

1380675, Sergeant (Obs.), 114 Squadron, Royal Air Force. Died 9 June 1942. Age 19. Son of Robert and Edna Irene May Beaufoy, of Earls Court, London. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

BRITTON John Frederick

1836793, Gunner, 185 Battery, 87 Light A.A. Regiment, Royal Artillery. Died 9 February 1943. Age 39. Husband of Phillis Britton, of Kirkstall, Leeds, Yorkshire. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

CADDY Hebert Henry

Fireman, S.S. Roebuck (Weymouth), Merchant Navy. Died 25 June 1940. Age 59. Son of Frederick Charles and Mary Ann Caddy; husband of Lily Minnie Caddy, of Westham, Weymouth. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

CLARK Edward Sawle

Lieut-Commander (Headmaster), HMS Victory IV, Royal Navy. Died 10 November 1944. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

EMERSON Joan Doreen

21414, Leading Wren, H.M.S. Daedalus III, Women's Royal Naval Service. Died 4 March 1946. Age 21. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

FARMER Lewis Frederick George

801730, Bombardier, 6 Battery, 2 Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery. Died 12 August 1943. Age 30. Son of Lewis and Kate Farmer; husband of Alison Margaret Farmer, of Iwerne Minster. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

HALES Richard John

5726757, Warrant Officer Class II (C.S.M.), Dorsetshire Regiment. Died 2 November 1946. Age 27. Son of Sydney John and Constance Dorothy Hales; husband of Bettie Kathleen Hales, of Osmington Mills. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

HOLLAND Kenneth Christopher

754503, Sergeant (Pilot), 152 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 25 September 1940. Age 20. Son of Harold George and Ina Gladys Christopher Holland; ward of Mr. H. I. E. Ripley, of Camelford, Cornwall. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

INGHAM Edward Cunliffe

26201, Squadron Leader, Royal Air Force. Died 2 April 1940. Age 30. Son of Maj. Joshua Lister Ingham, and of Violet Ingham (nee Lee), of Todcaster, Yorkshire; husband of Pamela Mary Ingham, of Minety, Wiltshire. His brother Phillip Lister Ingham also died on service. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

ORAM William Phillip

2365059, Signalman, Royal Corps of Signals. Died 4 October 1946. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

POWER Jeffrey William

Midshipman, H.M.S. Heron, Royal Naval Reserve. Died 27 May 1943. Age 20. Son of Walter Henry Power, and of Annie Elizabeth Power, of Silverton, Transvaal, South Africa. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

SAUNDERS Arthur Walter

40195, Aircraftman 2nd Class, Royal Air Force. Died 11 December 1947. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.


D/11203, Company Quartermaster Serjeant, 6th (H.D.) Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment. Died 11 January 1940. Age 55. Son of John Whitham Sutcliffe and Elizabeth Ann Sutcliffe; husband of Alice Sutcliffe, of Weymouth. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

WEST, M.C James Rowland

Captain, 5th Dorsetshire (Weymouth) Battalion, Home Guard. Died 13 April 1945. Age 47. Son of Harry James Albert West and of Annie Maria West (nee Stuart); husband of Florence Mary West, of Basingstoke, Hampshire. Education awards: B.A., Ph.D. Awarded the Military Cross. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

WRIGHT Brian Digby

19093875, Sapper, Royal Engineers. Died 19 November 1947. Age 19. Son of Norman W. Wright and Dorothy Wright, of Weymouth. Cremated at Weymouth Crematorium.

18 January 2004

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