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World War 1 - Detailed information
Compiled and Copyright © Martin Edwards - 2008

This article appeared in an unknown magazine prior to the building of the Mill Hill School memorial.


THE accompanying design illustrates a portion of the war memorial scheme promoted by Old Millhillians. In considering the nature of the proposed memorial the committee decided to apportion the fund between the erection of a new science building and the rearing of a monument in memory of Millhillians who died for their country. A Gate of Honour, to be used only in special ceremonies, was the idea which appealed most strongly to the committee, and the architect has designed the memorial to suit that purpose.

The nature of the existing school buildings determined the character of the design, which has been kept extremely simple, all suggestion of incorporating sculpture having been rigorously opposed, the intention being that the monument should express a large general idea rather than display any details of circumstance, with the important qualification that, as desired by the donors, all the names of those in whose honour the memorial is to stand (numbering more than 1,000) should be suitably inscribed within the memorial. This special requirement is the keynote of the design, and panels are provided for this purpose.

The gateway is to be erected in front of, and centrally with, he main school building, and happily the ground here falls in such a manner as to admit of a simple but dignified treatment of stone steps arranged to lead up to the central monument. On the side facing the school building a paved stone terrace will be formed as a simple foreground to the memorial. The monument


is to be built of Portland stone, with a coffered panelled ceiling of cedarwood enriched with colour. The gates will be of bronze, and arranged to slide into the thickness of the stonework. The carved stone panels will be in low relief. The capitals to the central fluted columns are a delicate free treatment of the Corinthian order. There will be a short inscription carved on the frieze of the entablature. The names to be recorded on the panels within the memorial will be carved in the stone in alphabetical order, and the names of those who have fallen will be gilded. The design is the work of Mr. Stanley Hamp, of Messrs. Collcutt & Hamp, architects.

After the article was written the memorial went ahead and this was the final result

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