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The cemetery is in Sadat Street, about 1.5 kilometres from the Old Cateract Hotel. It is maintained by the CWGC and apart from military burials contains over 200 civilian graves.

Immediately inside the gate is a plaque dedicated “to the memory of British soldiers who died between 1883 and 1910 and British civilians who died between 1886 and 1942 and who were buried in this and other cemeteries in Egypt.”

There is one grave from the First World War - Private W G Pearce of the 1st Garrison Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment who died in July 1917. This battalion formed at Weymouth in August 1915 and went to Egypt, where it remained throughout the war.

There are also twenty-one graves from the Second World War.

There are a number of burials dating from the 1880s, the period when British troops seized and garrisoned Egypt to protect the vital Suez Canal route to India. In 1884 Major Horatio Kitchener came to Aswan on his way to reconnoitre the route for Sir Garnet Wolseley’s force marching to the relief of Khartoum.

One man who may well have seen Kitchener was QMS Charles Barker, a Staff clerk, who died at Aswan on 13 June 1886 and is buried here. Around him lie Privates 1870 Harry Pears of A Company 1st Battalion, the Buffs, Enoch Hurst of B Company and Private 119 James Hanlon of the 1st Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. They died in 1886 and 1888, probably of disease.

The cemetery is open Saturday to Thursday 7.00am - 12.00 and the CWGC gardener is present during these hours.

Photographs Copyight © Andy Pepper 2008

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