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The Gibraltar (North Front) Cemetery (also known as Garrison Cemetery) is located about 100 metres from the airport and about 300 metres from the harbour. It stands on the low peninsula off of Devils Tower road and behind St. Teresa's Church. GPS Co-ordinates: 36.149207, -5.344977. West of the cemetery, close to the sea, will be found the Gibraltar Memorial which commemorates, by name, 7 soldiers from the 1914-1918 War and 91 airmen and soldiers who died during the 1939-45 War who were buried at sea. There are 320 men from World War 1 and 353 men from World War 2 buried in the cemtery.

The North Front (or Garrison) Cemetery, the only cemetery in the Colony, stands on the low peninsula between the “Devil’s Tower” and the Neutral Ground. It was used throughout the war for the burial of sailor’s and soldiers who died on ship’s passing Gibraltar, or in the Military Hospital. The War Graves are scattered in the different divisions of the cemetery, and the cross is erected to the West of the cemetery, close to the sea, at the junction of Winston Churchill Avenue, the road into Spain, and the Devil’s Tower Road. Within the fenced area the memorial is surrounded by tablets with the names of all personnel from the Commonwealth who died serving during World War 2. Twenty three burials belong to HMS Brittania sunk by a submarine off Cape Trafalgar on the 9th November 1918. In the cemetery are also many graves of merchant sailors who died during the war from natural causes. This Cemetery is situated on Crown land and (with the exception of those privately owned) all the War Graves in it are registered in perpetuity in the Commission’s name.

For a list of names see the Commonwealth War Graves Commision website and Gibraltar WW1

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