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31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Foot - Muster Roll 1707

Copyright © Joy Shivar 2003

Transcript of a muster roll for the 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Foot, also known as 2nd Regiment of Marines. The date is 1707 and the Regiment is headed by Col. Joshua Churchill. At the time the document was prepared the Regiment was laying seige to the castle in Alicant Spain.


Joshua Churchill Collonel

Capt. Fleetwood Watkins                                                                   John  Philips Chaplain

(1st Lieutenants)

John Beckwith                                                                                      Alexander Wilson  Surgeon

Cutts Hafsan

(2nd Lieutenant – Francis Brownejohn)


Thomas Holland Serj

Capt. Adam’s Company



William Snowden


Francis Armiger

Cutts Hafsan 1st Lieut.

Thomas Edwards, Servant


John Smallhorne


John Dodge


Nicholas Sturch Corp.

Captain Marshall’s Company

Joshua Wiley?


George Freake


John Campden


James Weetman


William Green

Major Pigott’s Company

John Drab?


William Johnson


John Guess

Fleetwood Watkins 1st Lieut.

Ferdinand Roberts


Anthony Manning Corp.


John Hemmins


William Stock


Ponard? Bray


William Proby


James Edmundson


Samuel Chinn


Thomas Pearce


Henry Crowther


Ezekiel Congdon


Daniel Reaves


Gideon Dowdney Serj.


John Goffe

Coll’s Company

William R. Showells?


John Wilkinson, Corp.


James Lee

Francis Brownejohn 2nd lieut.

William Shoan


John Atkinson

Capt. Taylor’s Co.

Noah Labdon


Charles Smith


Jekabud? Christian


Thomas Norecote


William Fluett


Francis Dobson


John Summers


Robert Thomas


William Ely


Michell Stone


Henry Thomas

Capt. Marshall’s Company

Robert Gledhill


William Stephens


Silvester Watts

John Beckwith 1st Lieut.

John Josett


William Trynn


Edmund Jnes


Benjamin Hasfield




James Coleman


Robert Inman




William Smart


Thomas Oddy




James Cummins


David Priestly




Thomas Smith


Benjamin Parker




John Thomas


Benjamin Pollard




Edward Steeler


Joseph Pickles




Alicant March of 1707

Mustered then in the Honorable Col. Churchill’s Regiment of Marines in his own Company, the Coll as Coll and Captain, on eSecond Lieut: one Captain, one Surgeon, one Serjent and twenty three private men in Capt. Adam’s Company, one first lieut. And one private man.  In Major Pigott’s Company one first lieu, one corporall, and five private men.  In Captain marshals Company, one 1st lieut. Two serjants one Corporall and Eighteen private men.  In Capt. Taylor’s Company, one Corporall and Eleven private men, servants included.  This Muster being for part of the Detachment Commanded by the Honorable Coll. Churchill under the Rt. Honorable Earle River? In for Sixty one Daies Commencing the fifth day Aprill 1707 and ending the fourth of June following, both dais Inclusive.


Muster Roll of Dolajohn?

At Alicant as of June 4, 1707

18 October 2003

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