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The 30th Foot - Canadian General Service Medal 1866-70

The following officers and men were awarded the Canadian General Service Medal for the actions against the Fenians during 1866 and 1870. The majority of those awarded medals were for the Fenian raids of 1866 but some moved to other Regiments and were awarded medals for 1870 also, these few are denoted as such. These names are drawn from the book Canada General Service Medal Roll 1866-70 compiled and edited by John R. Thyen (ISBN 1-894255-01-1).

No. Rank Surname Initials Comments
  Ensign Bannatyne N  
  Lieutenant Brownlow W V  
  Lieutenant Clowes F  
  Lieutenant Cooke J  
  Ensign Goldie A J  
  Lieutenant Goodwyn J E  
  Ensign Headley A M W  
  Captain Hobbs J C  
  Ensign Kemble H  
  Major Macpherson L  
  Ensign Merritt W J  
  Captain Moorsom C J  
  Lieutenant Nagle R also for 1870 for the raid at Red River
  Lieutenant-Colonel Pakenham T H  
  Assistant Surgeon Paxton J  
  Lieutenant Stewart T B  
  Captain Williamson F H  
929 Private Adams W H  
491 Sergeant Atkins Wm  
918 Pte Barton John  
1053 Private Bayfield John F  
4711 Sergeant Beasly Wm  
1173 Private Birmingham Richard also for Fenian Raid 1870 serving with the Royal Canadian Rifles
507 Private Blay Thomas  
537 Private Boon John also for red Red River 1870 with Quebec Rfiles, two medals were issued.
1025 Lance Corporal Bradbury Fr  
585 Drummer Brien Mat  
344 Private Brown John  
901 Private Brown Sp  
1031 Private Bundy Thos. J  
1060 Private Butler Wm  
1037 Lance Corporal Canham Robert  
852 Private Carey Dennis  
422 Private Chase Joseph F  
272 Private Clarke Henry  
1032 Private Connor Charles  
916 Private Cullum Wm  
55 Private Donohue John  
1023 Private Fear Charles  
1038 Private Field Jess  
270 Private Flint John  
816 Lance Sergeant Flynn Thos  
1109 Private Fothergill Geo  
860 Corporal Goble James  
966 Private Grant William  
291 Private Green Dan  
10 Private Hallidy Hartley  
128 Private Hanaphy Thomas  
310 Private Harrison Jacob  
1036 Private Huggins Jas W  
1069 Private Hunt Richard  
2996 Private Jenkins James  
1083 Private Lee Walter  
17 Private Lewis John  
2476 Private Long Ben  
935 Private Louch James  
949 Private Luck Edward  
131 Private McGregor Mich  
3793 Colour Sergeant Mathewson James  
711 Corporal Mathisson John  
3036 Drummer Meek Thomas  
331 Private Moore Al  
357 Lance Sergeant Morton John  
4422 Private Mullaney Ma  
457 Private Munden Wm  
720 Private Murphy Eugene  
185 Corporal O'Brien Edward  
543 Private O'Neill Michael  
983 Private Oxford Wm  
573 Private Payne George  
884 Private Pearce John  
836 Private Philips Henry  
997 Private Pinnell Geo F  
865 Corporal Quick Ed B  
195 Private Rayner Wm  
487 Sergeant Robinson Geo  
4338 Sergeant Rodgers John  
62 Private Rumley James  
615 Private Sainsbury Ch J  
3901 Corporal Shanahan Je  
480 Private Smith Fr  
614 Private Smith Henry  
696 Private Smith James  
1113 Private Smith Joseph  
477 Sergeant Smith Joseph  
188 Private Sullivan John  
3567 Private Sullivan Michael  
511 Private Thompson Thomas  
562 Private Tolt George  
4727 Private Tyler Edward  
205 Lance Corporal Urry Thomas  
988 Private Ward Geo  
648 Private Ward Peter  
1045 Private Webb William  
697 Private Wilson John  
  Late Issued Medals - these men were entitled to medals but theirs were issued much later
  Private Everest John Issued 19th April 1913
  Sergeant Parmer Thomas Issued 9th May 1913
310 Private Simpson Wm Issued 11th October 1909
  Private Wilson David Issued 18th August 1913
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