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The Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion

Photograph Courtesy of Phil Curme

4 Aug 1914
1/1st Bn. Territorial Force Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion formed at St. Mary's Street, Huntingdon.
Oct 1914
2/1st Bn. Territorial Force Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion formed at Sutton-le-Marsh.
3/1st Bn. Territorial Force Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion formed.
The Army Cyclist Corps was formed in 1915, encompassing existing units. New units wore the ACC badge. Pre-existing units continued to wear their old badges. Until 1914 the battalions were used largely as coastal patrols. In 1915 the first units went overseas, broken up as divisional companies serving something of a reconnaissance role. During the war cyclists often found themselves in unfriendly terrain and had to give up their mounts. Based on that experience the Army had little further role for cyclists. The Corps disbanded in 1919, while some units retained their cyclist role. All remaining cyclist units converted to infantry, artillery and signals in 1922.
Mar 1916
3/1st Bn. Territorial Force disbanded, personnel to the 1/1st, 2/1st Bns and the Machine Gun Corps.
11 Nov 1918
1/1st Bn. & 2/1st Bn. Territorial Force disbanded

For more information see the Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion site

Photographs below are probably the Ramsey Volunteers pre Hunts Cyclist Battalion.

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