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Peninsular War Chronology

18 October
French troops cross the Spanish frontier
20 November
Junot occupies Lisbon
23 March
The French occupy Madrid
2 May
Uprising in Madrid
14 July
The French, under Bessieres, defeat the Spanish, under Cuesta and Blake, at Medina del rio Seco
22 July
The French, under Dupont, surrender at Baylen
1 August
A British force, under Sir Arthur Wellesley, lands at Mondelago Bay, Portugal
17 August
Wellesley defeats Delaborde at Rolica
21 August
Wellesley defeats Junot at Vimerio
30 August
Convention of Cintra: Wellesley recalled to England
30 October
The French evacuate Portugal
8 November
Napoleon enters Spain with 200,000 men
4 December
Napoleon occupies Madrid
Moore advances from Salamanca
21 December
British cavalry victory at Sahagun
16 January
Moore killed at the Battle of Corunna
22 April
Wellesley returns to Portugal
12 May
Wellesley crosses the Douro and captures Oporto
28-29 July
Wellesley defeats Joseph at Talavera
4 September
Wellesley is created Viscount Wellington
10 July
Massena takes Ciudad Rodrigo
24 July
Craufurd defeated by Ney on the Coa River
27 September
Wellington victorious over Massena at Busaco
10 October
Wellington enters the Lines of Torres Vedras
14 October
Massena discovers Lines and halts
17 November
Massena withdraws to Santarem
5 March
Graham victorious at Barrosa
10 March
Soult takes Badajoz
3-5 May
Wellington defeats Massena at Fuentes de Onoro
6 May
Beresford Begins first British seige of Badajoz
11 May
Brennier abandons Alneida to Wellington
16 May
Beresford defeats Soult at Albuera
19 May-17 June
Second British seige of Badajoz
8 January
Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo begins
19 January
Wellington takes Ciudad Rodrigo by storm
6-7 April
Wellington takes Badajoz by storm
22 July
Wellington defeats Marmont at Salamanca
12 August
Wellington enters Madrid
19 September
Wellington begins siege of Burgos
22 October
Wellington abandons siege of Burgos
22 October- 19 November
Allied retreat to Portugal
19 November
Allied army arrives at Ciudad Rodrigo
21 June
Wellington defeats Joseph at Vitoria, created Field Marshal
25 July
Soult makes counterattack in the Pyrenees. Battles at Maya and Roncesvalles.
28-30 July
Welloington defeats Soult at Sorauren
31 August
Graham takes San Sebastian by storm
31 August
Soult repulsed at San Marciai
7 October
Wellington crosses the Bidassoa into France
25 October
Pampiona surrenders
10 November
Wellington defeats SOult at the Battle of the Nivelle
9-12 December
Wellington defeats Soult at the Battle of the Nive
13 December
Soult repulsed by Hill at St. Pierre
27 February
Wellington defeats Soult at Orthes
6 April
Napoleon abdicates
10 April
Welloington defeats Soult at Toulouse
14 April
French sortie from Bayonne
17 April
Soult surrenders
27 April
Bayonne surrenders
30 April
Treaty of Paris
3 May
Wellington created Duke
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