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HMS Venerable was built at Chatham Dockyard, laid down January 1899, completed November 1902, cost £1,159,853. Launched 8th March 1902. Sold for breaking up 4th June 1920.

London Class Battleship. Armament: four 12 inch guns in pairs, twelve 6 inch guns singles, sixteen 12 pdr guns, two 12 pdr guns, six 3 pdr guns, two maxims and four torpedo tubes. Length: 400ft Displacement: 14,500 load and deep load 15,700 tons. Speed: 18 knots. Complement: 750 (789 as flagship). War Servcie:
  • 5th Battle Squadron Channel Fleet.
  • Attached to Dover Patrol as flag ship and for bombardment duties.
  • May-October 1915 Dardanelles.
  • October-December 1915 refit at Gibraltar.
  • December 1915-December 1916 Adriatic.
  • February-March 1918 refitted as depot ship.
  • Depot ship for minelaying trawlers.
  • 1920 sold for scrapping.

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