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HMT "Czar" was a 6,503 gross ton ship, built by Barclay, Curle & Co, Glasgow in 1912 for the Russian American Line. Her specifications were:- length 425ft x beam 53.2ft, two funnels, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 15 knots. There was accommodation for 30-1st, 260-2nd and 1,086-3rd & 4th class passengers. She was launched on 23rd March 1912, she sailed from Libau on her maiden voyage to Copenhagen and New York on 30th May 1912. Her last voyage on this service started on 17th July 1914 and on 13th September 1914 she commenced Archangel - New York sailings.

After the Russian revolution, she was transferred to British registry and placed under the management of the Cunard SS Co. and in 1921 was returned to the East Asiatic Co of Copenhagen (owners of the Russian American Line). She was renamed "Estonia" and placed her on the transatlantic service under the description of Baltic American Line. On 11th January 1921 she sailed from Glasgow for New York, Danzig and Libau, and on 23rd February 1921 commenced Libau - Danzig - Boston - New York sailings. In February 1925 she was refitted to accommodate 290-cabin and 500-3rd class passengers and in March 1926 was again altered to 110-cabin, 180-tourist and 500-3rd class. Her last Danzig - Copenhagen - Halifax - New York voyage started on 31st January 1930 and she was then sold to the Polish owned Gdynia-America Line. On 13th March 1930 she started a single round voyage between Danzig, Copenhagen, Halifax and New York and was then renamed "Pulaski". She started sailing between Danzig, Halifax and New York under this name on 25th April 1930 and commenced her last North Atlantic voyage - Gdynia - Copenhagen - Halifax - New York on 18th August 1935. Transferred to the Gdynia - Buenos Aires service on 28th Feb.1936 and started her last voyage on this route on 21st April 1939. On 24th August 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II, she sailed from Gdynia for Falmouth and was used as a troopship during World War II, was renamed "Empire Penryn" under British registry in 1946 and was scrapped at Blyth in 1949.

For more details see: Wikipedia - SS Czar

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