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Q Ships - By Name

Many men were lost at sea on a variety of vessels. This page highlights some of the Q ships involved in World War 1 & 2.

World War 1
H.M. Drifter Cosmos Admiralty No 1435, Pennant No LT.477, 91 tons launched 1914, 1 x 3 pounder AA gun, net sweeper
Sunk 15th February 1918 by German Destroyers in the Dover Straits.
H.M. Drifter Young Fred Admiralty No 1095, Pennant No LT.717, 83 tons launched 1910, 1 x 6 pounder gun, net sweeper
Returned 1919
H.M. Trawler Thomas Cornwall Admiralty No 3702, launched 10th June 1918, 1 x 12 pounder gun, 1 x 3.5 " gun
Sunk 29th October 1918 in collision off Flamborough Head. (A court of inquiry record should appear at the PRO)
H.M. Drifter Clover Bank Admiralty No 750, Pennant No A.379, 78 tons, launched 1912, 1 x 6 pounder gun, net sweeper Mined 24th April 1916 in British minefield off Zeebrugge. ( service was January 1915 to April 1916)
 World War 2
 H.M.S. Cape Howe   4443 tons Sunk by U-28 on 21st June 1940 with heavy loss of life off the South-West Approaches. Thirteen men survived on a raft, picked up on 27th June 150 miles off Ushant.

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