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MILLER, Frank - Sergeant 49081, 82nd Company, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). Died 5 February 1919. Aged 28. Son of Charles and Mercy Miller, of Woodside Villas, Hellingly, Sussex; husband of Emily E. H. Miller, of Home Farm, Hodsall Street, Wrotham, Kent. Buried in Tiflis British Cemetery. Commemorated on HAIDAR PASHA MEMORIAL, Turkey (including Gallipoli). Screen Wall. Panel 15.

FRANK MILLER 1890-1919

Son of Charles and Mercy Susan Miller. Frank was born in Eastbourne on the 10th June 1890 and was baptised in St Mary's church on the 6th July. He went to school first at Wilmington and later Jevington on leaving school he started work at the Star Brewery in Eastbourne in the bottling department.

About 1907 or 8 he joined the army and served in the 1st Battalion of the Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry. In about 1911 he married Emily Streetley, the marriage took place in Eastbourne, a daughter was born in 1912 she was named Nellie. At this time Frank's regiment was stationed at Gravesend in Kent and I believe it was here he was discharged from the army and placed on the reserve list.

Frank joined the East Sussex Police doing his training in Lewes, later being stationed at Crowborough, East Sussex, Were he lived with his family in a police house, he was still at Crowborough when war was declared with Germany on the 4th August 1914. He immediately received his orders to rejoin his regiment at Curragh in Ireland, on the 13th August the 1st Battalion of The Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry sailed from Dublin, two days later they landed at Le Harve in France from there they marched to Belguim and dug in along the Mons / Conde canal at 6 a.m. on the 23rd August the British and the German army made contact and the "Battle of Mons" started for the next fourteen days the D.C.L.I. with other regiments were engaged in a fighting withdrawal, after much hard fighting over some 240 miles they brought the Germans to a halt just outside Paris and the next four years of murderous trench warfare commenced. Some when, during his service in France, I think about 1916, Frank was transferred to the Machine Gun Corp and was sent out to Salonica serving with the 82nd Company, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) and was engaged in fighting the Turks. Some when during his army service either pre-war or early after the commencement of war he was promoted to Sergeant.

Late in 1918 civil war had broken out in Russia and the 82nd were sent from Salonica to Georgia, South Russia as a part of what was known as "punster Force" to assist the White Russians in their fight against the Reds. He landed at Batumi and they worked their way up country to Tifilis it was here that Frank who had suffered from malaria whilst serving in Salonica went down with a severe attack of the disease and died on the 5th February 1919 and was buried in the British Military Cemetery his grave being Plot 1 Row A Grave No 3. As history tells us the Reds won the civil war and they would not allow "The Commonwealth War Graves Commission" into Russia to maintain the British Cemeteries in Russia so the names of the fallen are inscribe on the War Memorial that stands In The British Military Cemetery at Haida Pasha on the side of the Bosphorous Sea in Turkey. His name is also inscribe on The War Memorial at Crowborough and on a tablet in the Police Station in the town of Lewes. There is a error in the official records over his place of death The War Grave Commission gives the place of death as Tifilis and his death certificate issued by the Registrar of Deaths gives it as Salonica. I have been in touch with the Chief Registrar in London and The War Graves Commission about this error but neither can come up with a answer but from other evidence I hold and knowing my aunt corresponded at one time with a lady living in Tifilis and a photograph of the grave taken soon after burial I am sure Tifilis is correct, I believe the error possibly occurred because although the company was in Russia I think their Headquarters who would have kept the records was still in Salonica, of course I cannot prove this after all these years.

Frank's wife died in the sixties and in recent years his daughter also, I believe there is a granddaughter living near Meopham in Kent but I do not know her married name and we have lost touch with each other.

Frank Miller 2nd from left kneeling behind machine gun, date 1910
Frank Miller, East Sussex Police date 1913
Frank and Emily Miller with daughter Nellie. date 1912.
A copy of the Death Certificate of Frank Miller, note the difference in place of death to that given below by the Commonwealth War Craves Commission.
British Military Cemetery, Tifilis, Georgia, South Russia.
The grave of Sgt Frank Miller, 82nd Machine Gun Company. Died 5th February 1919. Photograph taken within a few days of burial.

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