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Author: Brian Bates
Publisher: Roving Press
Published: July 2012
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 978 1906651169,
Price: £12.99
288 pages

Dorchester Remembers the Great War

During the Great War over 1100 men enlisted from the small market town of Dorchester. They served in such diverse theatres of war as France, India, Mesopotamia and Russia. Most of them survived that terrible conflict and returned home to tell their own unique stories. Those who did not are commemorated on the Borough’s war memorials and in its two cemeteries.

Dorchester Remembers gives a voice to those men and one woman who did not return. Through their poignant personal stories, the effect the war had on each individual and their families is revealed. But more than this, their stories weave together into a fascinating social history that shines light on the impact the war had on the very fabric of Edwardian Dorchester. The town once had the largest prisoner-of-war camp in Britain and an important military presence, yet signs of this have all but disappeared. This book brings it all to life, with an endearing look at the community of Dorchester through the Great War years.

Buried in a foreign land, Their grave we will never see.
But deep within our hearts, We’ll keep their memory.

For researcher and author Brian Bates, ‘real history’ is the story of the ordinary person and their communities, especially when they find themselves in extraordinary predicaments. Brian gives talks on 17th-century Dorchester, and the effects of the Great War on the town, including one of its greatest secrets, the WW1 POW camp. His author royalties are being donated to charities Sense and Sightsavers.

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